Bette Tweets – The Australian Open

Australian Open with the girls! Pre-order yours now from JB Hi-Fi or Sanity


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2 thoughts on “Bette Tweets – The Australian Open

  1. hi Mr D

    Very odd tweet, it has been released thought jb hifi since early December (even her link in the tweet shows it available and I have seen it there, plus a bought a copy there … To add to my US, signed, target edition and LP copies – I know you and other Betteheads would understand that type of obsession :P). sanity (the other link) had it listed as early February and now it is not until April. It was originally scheduled to be released in early November last year and available to preorder on iTunes with be my baby an instant download…this was then cancelled and be my baby removed. Something confusing has been going on here! Maybe they have it mixed up with the waterfalls single which was released here only a couple of weeks ago and only on cd single, not download?? But hey, it is still an awesomely divine album!!

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