EDM artist Carol Hatchett part of Bette Midler’s ‘Divine Intervention’

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EDM artist Carol Hatchett part of Bette Midler’s ”˜Divine Intervention’
Posted on May 18, 2015 | BY HECTOR SALDAÑA


SAN ANTONIO ”“ Three hours to the east, Bette Midler’s “Divine Intervention” tour rolls into Houston’s Toyota Center for a concert tonight. Anyone who’s seen the Divine Miss M knows that Midler doesn’t pull off those fabulous,highly entertaining multi-costume shows all by herself.

Especially noteworthy is one of her backup singers and dancers – Carol Hatchett.

Hatchett is an EDM artist in her own right and part of a duo with Daniel Pearson called The BareRoot featuring Carol Hatchett. The duo have a new EP called “Born to Love.” It’s the follow-up to “Dance Under the Lights.”

Tracks like “Turn Up the Night,” “Born to Love” and “Breakthrough” offer a sophisticated take on EDM and trance with jazzy R&B flourishes that recall the best of Donna Summer, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and En Vogue and manages to be trippy, playful and sultry at the same time.

Odds are Hatchett is one of the talented crew in a whacky outfit tonight – from mermaids to 1940s fly girls – dancing behind the star of the show. That’s a Harlettes’ gig. But “Born to Love” shows there’s much more to this talented choreographer and actress once the curtain goes down and the house lights go up.

Learn more at thebarefootmusic.com

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