Out Magazine: Critics agree – Divine Miss M’s new tour is ‘Classic Bette’

Out Magazine
Must-See: Bette Midler’s ‘Divine Intervention’
MAY 30 2015 2:20 PM EDT

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Living legend Bette Midler is still dazzling audiences the same as ever, travelling across the country in her “Divine Intervention” tour, which kicked off earlier this May at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, FL. And the reviews are in: The Divine Miss M is as fun as ever.

“At 69 years-old, with legs like a Rockette and a voice as rich and smooth as velvet, Midler is such a charismatic wonder it’s a shame she doesn’t run for president,” Malina Saval writes for Variety in her review of Bette’s recent Staples Center show “A spectacular theatrical mash-up of variety-hour-meets-vaudeville-act-meets-Broadway-one-woman-show.” Clearly, there aren’t enough words for Midler.

Featuring classics such as “The Rose,” the show also introduces new hits such as “Divine Intervention.” Of course, Midler’s tradition of jaw-dropping covers returns as well, from girl group classic “Tell Him” to a moving rendition of Lorraine Ellison’s “Stay With Me.” Bette’s trademark wit helps round out the evening, with comedic plays on her audience’s age along with references to Fox

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2 thoughts on “Out Magazine: Critics agree – Divine Miss M’s new tour is ‘Classic Bette’

  1. Went to see the totally fabulous Miss M last night. She was/is/ and shall always be completely awesome. She commanded that stage. Nothing has diminished. No one could guess that she’s nearly 70. Keep rocking those other chicks ain’t got nothing on you!

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