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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fat Stuff – The Baths – Bette Midler – 1971

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Amy Poehler And Bette Midler

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Bette Midler with super talented and outrageous Bridget Everett and Designer Zac Posen

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Rolling Stone Review: Generations of brassy, slyly winking female rebels – from Deborah Harry and Madonna to Miley Cyrus – all owe Bette Midler a debt

Rolling Stone Bette Midler Wraps ‘Divine’ Tour With Powerhouse Brooklyn Show Legendary vocalist brings with bawdy jokes and big hits to Barclays Center By Anthony DeCurtis June 30, 2015 720x405-Bette-Midler-Barclays-Center-(Mon-6-29-15)_June-29,-20150116-Edit Bette Midler wrapped up the American leg of her “Divine Intervention” tour in top form at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, and, aptly, the show was both a raucous homecoming and a meditation, however deliciously lewd, on the passage of time. Midler launched her career in New York more than four decades ago, but, as she repeatedly pointed out, the cultural landscape has transformed in mind-boggling ways since that time. Still, her impressively varied 18-song set, liberally salted with cabaret theatrics and single-entendre sex jokes, demonstrated her continued relevance. Generations of brassy, slyly winking female rebels – from Deborah Harry and Madonna to Miley Cyrus – all owe her a debt. Promising to please her audience “like a blow job for your soul,” Midler fashioned a set that recounted both her long string of hits and her success in such films as Beaches and The Rose, in which she played a character based on Janis Joplin. Indeed, powerhouse versions of “The Rose” and “Stay With Me,” an anguished ballad that became a signature song for Joplin, elicited two of the audience’s most impassioned responses. There were many moments of bawdy hijinks. Midler mock-regretted failing to “monetize my sex life” as Kim Kardashian has done so successfully, and playfully bemoaned the “epidemic of dick pics” that social media had spawned. When the joking subsided, however, naked declarations of need defined the evening. She celebrated how songs like “From a Distance” and “Wind Beneath My Wings” had become soundtracks to the most important events in her fans’ lives, and delivered versions of them that demonstrated why they earned that stature. She displayed her extraordinary stylistic range, effortlessly moving through pop chestnuts like “Do You Want to Dance” and “Teach Me Tonight” (from her recent album of girl-group hits, It’s the Girls) to the jazz standard “Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most” and rock-era classics like the Rolling Stones‘ “Beast of Burden,” Leonard Cohen’s “Everybody Knows” and Randy Newman’s “I Think It’s Going to Rain Today.” Her band – guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, percussion and a robust horn section, not to mention her three background singers, the Harlettes – proved more than equal to the eclectic material. Midler will turn 70 later this year, and she made a point of thanking her fans for staying with her for what has been a long, wild ride. Her tears evinced her sincerity. Then she wrapped up the evening with a rollicking version of her 1972 hit, “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” demonstrating that, however much time has passed, her girlish charm remained entirely undiminished.
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Bette Midler – I Think It´s Going To Rain Today (Live Divine Miss Millenium)

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Divine Intervention Meet And Greets: Jacqueline Petroccia And Bette Midler

Jacqueline A little about me: I am a professional actor and singer and have studied Bette since I was in 7th grade and decided this is what I wanted to do with my life. I live and work primarily in NYC, but also travel around the country performing Always…Patsy Cline playing Patsy. Bette is my all time favorite performer and inspiration. Well, a couple years ago I was invited to be the headliner at the major fundraising Gala for STAGES St. Louis. Hot on the heels of St. Louis Patsy number one, the night was a huge success. After the gala, I was whisked away to the VIP after party to mingle with some special guests-aka board members and money, which is usually the case with these types of things when you are the “talent.” I was brought over to meet a lovely lady named Dorian. Chatting with her quickly became more than an obligation-we really really hit it off! This was the kind of gal I would have chosen to hang out with! We started chatting about various topics and somehow the topic of Billy Joel came up. I mentioned that my husband and I had tickets to see him for New Year’s at Barclays in Brooklyn. Lo and behold, Dorian tells me her sister is the head of Forest Ratner, who built and own the Barclays Center. Dorian and I exchange info and agree to keep in touch via FB in case she can make it into town for the concert. (She couldn’t-but we still went and Billy was great of course). Fast forward to a few months ago when Bette Midler announced the Barclays date. I half-jokingly message Dorian about my not so mild Bette obsession and that I just bought tickets to MSG and damn, now she is doing Barclays too!! Dorian invites me, on behalf of her sister to a cocktail party in the Vault Suite (like where Jay-Z hangs out) followed by dinner and the concert from one of the VIP suites. Um, ok….YES! Also-they thought it would be fun if I sang a little during the cocktail hour, which I of course I was honored to! (Opening for Bette??? Well, kinda!) To make matters even better, this past Saturday I got an email from MaryAnne saying that on top of all this, we were going backstage to meet Bette after the show! I died. I did a little 20 minute set of music in The Vault while 50 of the top most powerful women in NYC mingled and networked. (Even the head of Louis Vuitton was there!!!) We moved to the suite for the concert and Bette was just fabulous, even better than she was Friday night at MSG. And the sound was way better at Barclays too. After the show, I was handed a backstage access sticker and I assumed it was for the regular fan meet and greet. Oh no….we were taken to the “Friends and Family Suite.” Super VIP. Also spotted waiting-Zac Posen and Toni Basil. When Bette walked in, my knees got weak. There she was, in her gorgeous red sequin gown, with no great fan fare or introduction standing TWO feet from me. Dorian tried to get me to talk to her immediately but I just couldn’t get up the nerve! I think I actually looked at her and walked away! I was finally introduced by one of the NYRP board members who I had met up in the suite and I shook her hand and told her I was an actor and singer and that she has inspired my whole career. She was very gracious and just kept saying thank you. I told her I rescued old songs like she did (a reference to one of her lines in the show, she smiled), and told her about my doing Patsy Cline. I asked if she knew of her and she said “Of course I know Patsy! I know all of it inside out!” I told her she looked amazing but also said “from a singer to a singer, you SOUND amazing!” She was very gracious. She surveyed the few women and said “Is this all one group?” Someone told her it was the most powerful women in New York and I chimed in “Yeah, and then me” and she gave me a look like, “Yeah, I hear ya girl! Me too!” She took as many pictures as we all wanted and took time with all of us. We all stood around in a big group and took turns talking to her. I don’t remember every detail and there was so much that I wanted to say to her but just didn’t get the chance. My mind went absolutely blank. Just being around her was surreal. I felt like a little kid-I can’t imagine what little 12 year old me would have thought of tonight…it makes me cry just thinking about it. My life is so crazy sometimes. And most of the time, it all comes back to Patsy. This business is frustrating as hell, but sometimes I get the most incredible opportunities and look around and think, “What is my life?-How did I get here?” Full circle: my meet and greet got me to Bette’s meet and greet. That’s good karma Jacqueline2
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BetteBack February 2, 1990: ‘Stella’ Review – Bette Midler Tackles This Role With Spirit, Gumption, And Absolutely No Shame

New York Times February 2, 1990 384641_221792371227741_221327031274275_536253_126671670_n Central Park‘s Tavern on the Green, where Bette Midler enacts perhaps a three-hanky version of the famous four-hanky ”Stella Dallas” finale, isn’t quite the right setting for this brave mother’s ultimate sacrifice. It was in a spirit of joyful self-abnegation that Barbara Stanwyck’s Stella, in the most famous scene from King Vidor‘s 1937 film, stood in the rain outside a grand hotel watching the wedding she could never attend, until a watchful guard shooed her away. But the glass-walled Tavern on the Green is a wedding-watcher’s dream. Guards in Central Park at night have more pressing tasks than shooing away kindly, weeping mums. And most important, no mother today would see the wisdom of what Stella thinks she must do for her child. Even in 1937, there wasn’t a great deal of sense at the heart of this story. ”It seems unlikely that historians of the future will find Olive Higgins Prouty‘s ‘Stella Dallas’ among the imperishables of literature,” Frank S. Nugent wrote in The New York Times when King Vidor’s film (there had also been a 1925 silent version) opened at Radio City Music Hall that summer. Even then, Mr. Nugent noted, this 1923 novel was badly dated. ”On the practical surface of it, we cannot accept Stella Dallas in 1937. She is a caricature all the way.” Yet Mr. Nugent, in admiration, also said of this story: ”It has a tough old hide and only a tougher hide can be proof against it.” Fifty-three years later, the world has changed so drastically that the bare bones of ”Stella Dallas” don’t even begin to support this story. Single mothers are not unusual; class barriers are not unbridgable; little birds routinely fall farther from the nest. Yet it’s also true that the heart-tugging aspects of this mother-daughter drama retain their ability to bypass the brain, and that for the right actress the role of Stella remains a damp, soapy dream. Bette Midler, too old for the film’s opening and too smart for its resolution, isn’t exactly the right actress, but she’s a lot closer than might have been expected. Ms. Midler manages to gloss over the story’s inconsistencies, play up its charming aspects, and generally bluster her way through. ”Stella,” directed by John Erman and written by Robert Getchell, has an abbreviated title because its heroine skips a step and never marries. Stephen Dallas (Stephen Collins), the handsome, well-bred medical student by whom Ms. Midler’s feisty bartender has a child, is clearly not Mr. Right. In fact, he’s not even someone who could plausibly take an interest in the rough-edged and raunchy Stella Claire, were it not for the fact that she leaps to the counter of the bar and does a pantomime striptease on the night he happens to drop by. Does this kind of behavior indicate that Stella will wind up hiding her light under a barrel? Throughout ”Stella” many such questions arise, and audiences intent on enjoying the film would be well advised not to answer them. One of Bette Midler’s real and unheralded talents is for camouflage, and her exuberance is most helpful in overshadowing the inconvenient aspects of this story. During Stella’s and Stephen’s courtship, Ms. Midler concentrates on showing off Stella as a great date; during her early years with little Jenny (played as a sunny, enchanting young woman by Trini Alvarado) she avoids questions about friendships, love affairs and job opportunities by concentrating solely on mother-daughter sweetness. And later on, as she prepares to steer Jenny toward the upper-class existence that ”Stella Dallas” unquestioningly embraces as a better life, she pointedly insists that this isn’t about money. Of all the thin ice that the film skates on, this is the thinnest by far. Ms. Midler’s performance manages to be both involving and wildly inconsistent. The story is so full of holes that both she and Ms. Alvarado sometimes experience full personality changes from scene to scene. Why would the working-class woman who knows enough to tear the gold trim off her black cocktail dress, for fear of offending her patrician ex-lover, try to impress her daughter’s friends by dressing like Carmen Miranda? Why would she look like a biddy in a tattered old cardigan one moment, like a cowgirl in a mini-skirt the next? The irreconcilable character traits in ”Stella” aren’t even confined to the story’s two leads. As in the earlier film, the daughter’s young friends are kept away from her birthday party because Stella is a social outcast. Today’s teens, however, aren’t too housebound to drive past Stella’s window and drop their pants in rude salute. In addition to Ms. Midler, who’s right to tackle this role with spirit, gumption and absolutely no shame, the rest of the cast is also strong. Ms. Alvarado, punkish in some scenes and every inch the debutante in others, brings a lovely, fresh manner to some of the story’s craziest extremes. Mr. Collins and Marsha Mason, as the film’s gracious bluebloods, manage to be attractive, disarming and not at all smug. And John Goodman, as the lovable blowhard who is Stella’s devoted pal, once again makes salt-of-the-earth sturdiness a scene-stealing trait. His deep, abiding and mostly unconsummated affection for Stella is the sort of thing that, along with Stella’s pure selflessness, makes sense only in movies, if even then. And only in movies like this. Tough hides, beware. ”Stella” is rated PG-13 (”Special Parental Guidance Suggested for Those Younger Than 13”). It has strong language and a few sexually suggestive scenes.

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    Monday, June 29, 2015

    Divine Intervention Meet And Greets: Matthew Parker And Bette Midler

    10611069_1465205843792094_232300907_n Divine Intervention Meet And Greets: Matthew Parker And Bette Midler: I sang “Let Me Just Follow Behind” to Bette and she cried frown emoticon She said “it’s been a long time since I’ve heard that song thank-you for reminding me.” Then I said “I love you” and she said “I love you too” I told her she did amazing in the show….she said “it was a good show!” I said you were on fire! And we said our good-byes she walked out of the room
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    Concert Box Office News

    11410488_969766209722629_324938341_n #THEROLLINGSTONES – #TOUR The Rolling Stones have the highest grossing tour of the moment, according to #Billboard’s Hot Tours list. The veteran rockers have raked in fifty-two million dollars performing at just six dates of their Zip Code US tour this month. #BetteMidler’s in second, with more than seventeen million dollars over eighteen shows – while #U2 are currently in third, having taken more than ten million dollars over six shows. Posted on: Monday 29th June 2015, 02:30 PM Source: CI4TKSâ„¢ – The Ticket Search Engine! Author: Click It 4 Tickets Buy tickets online at
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    Bette Midler – Stella ( Interview & Behind The Scenes )

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