Divine Intervention Meet And Greets: Benny Ambros And Bette Midler



When i bought the ticket for the meet & greet in Birmingham last november I was the happiest person in the world and got really excited about meeting my biggest idol, Bette Midler, in person. In the confirmation of the ticket buying process I was told that I would get all the information  about that evening before the concert.  As i didnt receive any information 2 weeks before the concert, i wrote vipnation to ask when the meet & greet would be and when i would have to be at the concert hall on that special day. They told me the meet & greet would be before the concert and that i would  have to be in birmingham  at 15:00. So i booked my flight from vienna to london and the train from london to birmingham. For the return trip to london i booked the last train that was possible to have as much time for the concert as possible. One week before the concert i got the regular information which told me the meet & greet would be after the show and so i hoped that everything would be in time and that i could get my train back to london after the concert.

I traveled to london the day before the concert and on the final day i got up early and spent the day in birmingham.  What really surprised me was that i didn get nervous about being eye to eye with the most divine person in the world.  The day went by fast and i had to check in at 17:00 for the dinner.  As i dont know any hardcore Bette Midler fans like me in person it was so great to meet all these wonderfull people who love and adore her like i do or even more. During the dinner i went down to the souvenir shop to buy all the stuff i wanted and as a nerd for merchandise i also bought the ukulele (and still dont regret it).

When I sat down for the concert i also met another sweet couple who were placed next to me who also loved Bette as much as i did. When the curtain opened i was thrilled for a moment to have Bette Midler right in front of me ”“ just some meters away, reassured quickly.

After the concert when we got collected together and were taken to the room where we were finally to  meet Bette it did not change ”“ i still was really calm. Then she came in the room and we lined up for meeting her one by one. When it was my turn, i gave my bags to one of her assistants  and my present for Bette to another one of her assistants.

We got introduced to her and she said  “hi Benny ”“ how are you?”. I told her i”˜m a fan of hers since i saw her riding on her riding broom. Then the picture was taken and i told her that i came all the way from vienna to meet her and that she has never been there. She told me that she went to vienna many times but never for a concert ”“ only for food. I always had the stupid train on my mind and so i forgot to tell her about the present. So i thanked her and left without saying anything about it. If you want to know ”“ i bought her a necklace with 7 “Sisi-Stars” made of Swarovski Crystals. One for every 10 years of her life.

I ran to my train and was lucky to reach it. Back in London i realised what happend that evening and that i just had met Miss Bette Midler. All my blood rushed up to my head and i had a little breakdown. I went straight to the next hotel and stayed there for the night. It took me one complete day to recover and come back to myself.

IT was worth every effort. I made my biggest and till that day most far away wish come true. I have met the Divine Miss M, Bette Midler, and will capture this moment till the day i die. I will write in my testament that on my gravestone will be written “his biggest dream came true ”“ he met Bette Midler and was the happiest person alive.

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