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Women Do Not Want To Be Immoderate
Feb 3, 2013

Normally, recording devices are just so on the table around to do what one has brought them: take the interview. But in an interview with Bette Midler in a five-star hotel in downtown Los Angeles is these prosaic little machine suddenly at the center and must savor its sixty seconds in the spotlight.

Bette Midler: What have you got there? That’s the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen! And it looks so sophisticated. Where did you get that?

I just bought brand new, and it comes today for the first time used.

Toll! Can I record an album with that?

It has been specially developed for recording music.

Can it touch it? Man, that’s cool.

Who would have thought that you of all people are so enthusiastic about technology.

It seems to me, as I could witness the invention of the wheel or the birth of the car. Honest! I find this whole technical contraptions incredibly exciting. These new devices can seemingly small miracle everything, and suddenly so much is possible. The entire universe belongs to us suddenly. I admit that I’m not technically very gifted. But to what I speak, I am proud.

What you’ve mastered it?

My smartphone, I have now almost under control.

Tweet us about?

I tweet , and too bad I’m not going. I admit it: I enjoy myself even more than my messages, I enjoy my own tweets. And I have fun with other people’s Tweets.

That’s kind of disappointing.

Why that?

I thought you were rather oldschool.

I’m oldschool! Well, on some days, the Tweet already feels like an additional job.Then I think: Oh, man, I have nothing to say. But I have to have to keep saying anything.

In your new film is about the good old kind of friendly authoritarian education. How were you as a parent?

I ‘m still mother!

Well, that is about the time when you were still trying to shape the character of your children.

I was a good mother, my daughter was crazy about me. My husband always said with a certain admiration: You have it introduced to the world of the Greek mysteries. For some reason, it meant a lot. In addition, I have her still taught manners and all other at that. My husband has of course done much good for them and for example, financed their education. She is our only child and we were already quite old when we got them. So we were so grateful when she was there. It was exciting.

For some reason I can not imagine that you can be strict to me.

This is my husband the Liberals from both of us, because he’s a performance artist. He knew Montessori and Rudolf Steiner and found mathematics never been more important. He is actually the really loose type of us. I was the one of my daughter has ever heard phrases like: In the testimony I want to see all ones, no deuces. I had to teach the child discipline.

Have you taken this educational methods from your parents?

My mother was a timid and somewhat verhuschte soul. She disappeared somehow always in the background and did not notice. But she was a very kind woman. And she was very clever; timid, but somehow sweet. She did not like to raise their voices. She liked neither controversy nor confrontation of another kind. And she had an artistic streak.

You have your man, a few weeks after they had come together married.

And we are still married, it’s not great! And you know what?Nowadays, even our wedding day! 28 years there are now.

And you work today?

The show must go on (laughs) .

Why were you so convinced that he is the right one?

He came just at the right time and seemed as it were in a romantic white cloud.And I’m not saying it was always easy with us, on the contrary. It is in fact bother to really get to know your partner. And much of what you find out about him, you do not like really (laughs). If you, the relationship is really important, then you have to remain flexible and open. And this relationship has meant anything to me. Also, because we have a daughter. We wanted the child to raise with a big dose of security and a solid basis.

To be a single mother, you would not be able to imagine?

I love the idea of ”‹”‹a childhood with both parents. So I grew up and my husband also. We come from very intense, strong family structures, and we like that.

And when you were wild and rebellious?

I was not a bit rebellious, until I went to high school. There I met this girl – who was really wild. And when you meet the savages, then you’ll find the entrance to another world. I always had to deal with in my life fortunate people who opened those doors and windows for me to see life from a different perspective. I do not know who I would have been without this help.

When you write your biography?

The guarantee I’ll never write.

Why not?

Because I like to say: I never did anything really exciting happens in my private life. I do not know why. But in some ways I grew up very isolated. We did not have so many social contacts were not particularly sociable people. And I have somehow taken from my childhood. My party I have always celebrated on stage.That sounds pretty dull to, I have something of a social life. But for women is a life in this profession very different from men’s.

For what makes men cool, you have to stamp women from the bitch?

ANSWER: Male Rocker ever allowed to be drunk, rampant and excessive.Women do not want to be drunk and intemperate, because they die sooner or later it. The Constitution we lack. We are more fragile and weaker – physically, I mean. We need to take better care of us. And excesses seen us immediately. Who wants to look so bleak? I do not! (laughs out loud.)

Have you taken these lessons from your Rockstar phase?

I’ve learned my lesson very early: You go too far, and that has consequences. In addition, my career means a lot. I’ve always dreamed of being able to live from this profession. And those dreams I would not give to drink and to take drugs. I formulate it this way: I was a better song than hear the song of the stage from every bar. That is why I have decided for the stage and to bars. I love rock ‘n’ roll, but I do not like the lifestyle. This is a game for men. Go into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, you see, that’s something for men or rather boys. Every year they have to scrape figuratively the remains from the jam jar to find a woman who could they possibly take in this club. As always remain only two or three, between which they can choose.

Are you still happy for the camera?

However, it makes me a lot of fun. And honestly? For me it feels like a day at the beach. It is so much easier than together a band to hire fourteen Trucks, set and costume designers to get involved and hundreds of people to go on tour. I produce and staging my shows also still itself. Watching a movie is how to make a break for me, like a little vacation. For I am not responsible.

And when you still go on tour?

I never say never. But first I have to be back to full health. I’m working on now.Last year I was pretty beat. My priority is just health.

If you look at the showbiz today, you would not dream of the stage and try to become star?

I think I would not do it again. Today you can get a Star invent simple if you invest enough money. Such people are known because they are marketed, not necessarily because they can do something. If I were young again, I would probably concentrate on my comic talent. To make people laugh is also a good mission.

Do we really appreciate in Hollywood?

No. Comedians are not adequately respected. I can not even remember when a comedian has won an Oscar. Giving you just do not. And that’s why they have no status. In my world, they have to but necessarily. Because it simply does nothing grander in the world, than to laugh.

Since when have you been funny?

I’m weird since the fifth grade. Before that I did not know that you can be at all strange or should be. You have chosen me even times for talkative classmate. I was a real chatterbox. The title I have won at the same time – two crowns in one year!

And since when it’s no longer cool to be a movie star?

I’m actually not sure if that’s still cool. The really good stuff but now running on TV. As the creative and brilliant authors work. Cinema has become an almost exclusively commercial media. They want their trillions of dollars earn because they shareholders breathing down your neck. Previously, there was also, but not this type of shareholders.

Is not it about time for a new album?

I’m just not really interested in a new album. I love music, still. But I have experienced the music business at the height of its possibilities, and unfortunately, this world no longer exists. It was so exciting. And now I no history falls figuratively more to attend. Do You Understand? The music industry is only one great confusion, a confusing conflict situation. Nobody wants to be a part of it.

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