BetteBack May 16, 1991: Bette Midler Makes Movie Channels Favorite Actress Poll

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May 16, 1991


HOLLYWOOD (UPI) – Who was the most popular male movie star in the country last year, Kevin Costner or Mel Gibson?

According to the new Movie Channel poll, it was Gibson, despite Costner’s runnaway s u c c e s s in Dancing With Wolves,” iг which he won an Oscar for best director, but not best actor.

For its poll, the Movie Channel canvassed 2,000 people in 14 cities across e country, the ballots containing 55 categories, asking movie buffs to make their choices.

Unlike television, with carryovers from year year and myriad catories, movies polls are eassier to track but not nessarily a reflection of box-office favorites or award winners.

Because of the comparively yo u th fu l a g e range, the Movie Channel fe11 heavily favored conmporary performers and films in several catories.For instance, Steven ielberg was voted best djrector of all time by 40 percent of the responnts, while such giants Frank C apra, John Herd and Howard Hawks captured only one or two perrcent of the votes.

Still, there were some surprises in the 1990 poll the cable service. For instance, Costner me in sixth in the baling for top male star, Gibson was first with 17 percent, followed by Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson, both with 9 percent, Sean Connery and Costner with 8.

Top female star honors went to Meryl Streep with 14 percent followed by Michelle Pfieffer with 12 percent. There was a three-way tie among Bette Midler, Kathleen Turner and Sally Field with 10 percent each.

A great mystery was the absence of Julia Roberts, one of the hottest actress in Hollywood at this moment. A Movie Channel official said Robert’s name was not on the ballot because “ Pretty Woman” was released too late in the year. You can bet your toupee that Roberts will be on the 1991 list.

It was a double win for Gibson, the Australian based macho hero of the “ Lethal Weapons” films.

He also was voted sexiest male star, winning with 24 percent of the tally. Costner landed in fourth place with 9 percent, behind Cruise and Tom Selleck.

What kind of a sex symbol poll is it that has Woody Allen getting one percent of the votes?

The sexiest female star went to Kim Basinger. Runner-up was Pfieffer (19 percent), Turner (15 percent) and Madonna (6 percent).

One interesting question was: Which of today’s young stars will still be around 20 years from now?

Tom Cruise, Charles Sheen, Michael J. Fox and Matthew Broderick led th e parade. Among actresses favored to stick around were Meg Ryan, Molly Ringwald, Demi Moore and Ally Sheedy.

In this kinder, gentler society, 76 percent said there was too much violence in films and 59 percent felt there is too much sex.

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