BetteBack October 4, 1991: Disney Passes On Beaches II And Rights Go To Barbara Eden (I Dream Of Jeannie)

Cedar Rapids Gazette
October 4, 1991

Barbara Eden
Barbara Eden

HOLLYWOOD – Disney has relinquished its rights to “I’ll Be There,” the sequel to “ Beaches,” as a vehicle for Bette Midler – and the Iris Rainer Dart novel has been snapped up by Barbara Eden.

“ We just got the rights last Friday,” says Eden, who plans to adapt the tome into a TV movie.

“ We’re tying up the loose ends with ABC and looking for someone to write the script.”

Eden, who’ll take on the part of entertainer Cee Cee Bloom (the role originated by Midler in Disney’s 1988 film adaptation of “ Beaches” ), says the TV movie will pick up where Bloom takes custody of her deceased friend’s daughter.

She adds, “ W e’ll probably have a little music in it, so I can sing a little bit.”

Meanwhile: Eden reprises the role she’s best known for in NBC’s “ I Still Dream of Jeannie” telepic airing Oct. 20 – and says she was reluctant to bring back the character after 25 years.

“ The series has never been off the air (in syndication) and it’s very difficult to be in competition with yourself.”

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