Light The Black-Flame Candle — There Was A ‘Hocus Pocus’ Reunion On Halloween

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Light The Black-Flame Candle – There Was A ”˜Hocus Pocus’ Reunion On Halloween
Prepare to run amok!
by stacey grant
November 2, 2015


Even though Halloween is now over, everyone is still coming down from their fun All Hallows’ Eve highs. Maybe you went to a costume party last night? Or went trick-or-treating? Or just chilled at home, ate candy until you made yourself sick and watched “Hocus Pocus,” aka the greatest Halloween movie ever.


Well, bubble, bubble! You’re in for an extra treat today, because on Saturday (Oct. 31) the three (non-witch) stars of the movie hung out. Omri Katz (Max Dennison), Vinessa Shaw (Allison No-Last-Name) and Thora Birch (Dani Dennison) had a mini-“Hocus Pocus” reunion.

“For your hangover from candy or whatever”¦more #HocusPocus for you!! Yes, we hung out on #halloween 🎃✨ #omrikatz #thorabirch #vinessashaw #maxdennison #danidennison #allison @omzmosis @kennyortegablog,” captioned Shaw.

The Non-Witches Of ”˜Hocus Pocus’ Reveal Their Fave Memories From The Set
Shaw and Birch were recently in the news when they shared fun memories from the 1993 movie. But personally, I’m excited to see what Katz looks like now. He appears to have quit acting in 2002, and he’s been sorely missed.

Because, let’s be real here for a sec. Who didn’t have a crush on Max-the-virgin growing up?

Hocus Pocus

Since Shaw tagged Katz, we went and checked out his Instagram page. But, it looks like he’s not active on it anymore, since the last pic he shared was seven weeks ago. Most of the 28 pics are of his cute dogs, but he did share a pic of himself – back in 2013.



It’s been a great fall season for “Hocus Pocus” fans. For starters, the “Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular” premiered at Walt Disney World in September. More recently, fans of the film – who are apparently virgins – tweeted at star Bette Midler after Winifred Sanderson herself jokingly admitted the “Hocus Pocus” sequel was delayed, due to a lack of virgins. LOL.

Director Kenny Ortega (who also directed the “High School Musical” films and “Descendants“) shared a fun throwback pic of himself with some of the young cast.

“Happy 🎃Halloween to my gorgeous #HocusPocus cast and forever friends (pictured) the exquisite Vinessa Shaw, Sean Murray, Omri Katz (the virgin who lit #theblackflamecandle and to the incomparable Thora Birch. I love you all”¦,” captioned Ortega.

Oh, and if you’re curious what the bullies look like now, we’ve got you covered. Here’s Tobias Jelinek, who played Jay:


And here’s Larry Bagby, who played Ernie Ice:
Larry Bagby Hocus Pocus



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