Bette Midler releasing new greatest hits album, “A Gift Of Love”

Bette Midler releasing new greatest hits album, “A Gift Of Love”
6th Nov 15 | Entertainment News


Bette Midler is set to release a new greatest hits album, ‘A Gift of Love,’ next month, featuring 18 romantic tracks from her studio albums and soundtrack recordings.

The legendary performer, who has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide since launching her career in 1972, has confirmed she’s put together a collection of 18 of her favourite ballads from her studio albums and soundtrack recordings that will go on sale on December 4, 2015.

The upcoming record follows the success of the Grammy winner‘s ‘It’s the Girls’ album last year and recent sell-out ‘Divine Intervention Tour,’ her first in the UK for 36 years.

The collection features a number of Bette’s biggest hits, including ‘The Rose,’ ‘Wind Beneath My Wings,’ her cover of Marshall Crenshaw‘s ‘My Favorite Waste Of Time,’ ‘Every Road Leads Back To You,’ as well as five tracks from her 1995 platinum release ‘Bette of Roses.’

Earlier this year, Bette admitted she is thinking about retiring as she’s already achieved her ”childhood dream”.

She said: ”I might stop at some point. I’m coming to the end of the line. I have to admit it. When you have more of the road behind you than ahead, it becomes a very focusing thing.

”You start thinking about the world. I’ve never been to Africa or South America. I’ve never seen a rhinoceros. I’m not saying that entertainment is a childish thing but, in time, you do grow up. I’ve achieved my childhood dream. Now the dream is just about over. I’m still alive, still vibrant. I’d like to see what other dreams I can come up with.”

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