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Bette’s Facebook Q & A: Transcript

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Leighann Harris What made you pick these specific songs for this album?

Bette Midler It’s an album of love songs. We decided it was a good place to start as some of these songs didn’t do particularly well but we felt they deserved a second round.

Amy Roach Do you have any plans for Broadway soon?

Bette Midler I’ve been invited and do love the theatre, but the houses are two small to contain this much divinity

Julia Koryszewska If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

Bette Midler To make the world whole again

Laura Ball Hi Bette, what an amazing fabulous tour the Divine Intervention was!! I saw you in Manchester and so glad that I had the chance to see you perform live. Will this tour be coming out on dvd at all? Please say yes!! smile emoticon

Bette Midler Never say never, as of this writing there are no plans

Deborah Lohse What advice would you give an 8-year-old girl (whose middle name is Bette after you!) in this day and age?

Bette Midler Go easy on the sugar, in all aspects of life.

Carrie Arlen Hi Bette! I’m a middle school English teacher. I’d love to know what’s your favorite book of all time?

Bette Midler I cant even begin.. Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov

Megan Fleming Im in need of some inspiration bette!!!
I am a drummer, however circumstances made me fall out of love playing. Has similiar thing happened to you? How did you overcome it/what advice can you give me to get my bum in gear and play again!!!!! Thank you x

Bette Midler Thats happened to me many times. More than once. Once I got so bummed out that I didn’t sing for 5 years so I completely understand. If you’re a sensitive soul take your time to mend your injury and get back on the horse. It helps to do it with friends, or a friend.

Michelle Swanger Lott Is there any new shows/movies/ or tours coming up you’re excited about?

Bette Midler I love Adele and really looking forward to seeing her.

Helen Belcher Hi Bette.I think you are brilliant ! Do you have any vices? Anything you just can’t say no to ?

Bette Midler Food, love food.

Jayne Williams If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would say to them?

Bette Midler I would love to see my mother again.

Donald Lapsley What advice would you give to someone going into acting?

Bette Midler See everything and say yes to everything, except porn. That’s a dead end.

Sunny Carla Macaulay can you please wish me happy birthday for tomorrow?

Bette Midler Sunny, I am so delighted to wish you a Happy Birthday. How old are you girl?

Sam Cooney Is there gonna be a Hocus Pocus 2?!

Bette Midler After all these years and all the fan demand, I do believe I can stand and firmly say an unequivocal no.

Oscar Urtusástegui Do you have plans to come to Mexico City to perform?

Bette Midler I really love Mexico, I think about Mexico because one of my dreams is to meet Paquita La Del. I love her song Barrio Rata De Dos Patas, its one of the great songs every written and if I had a translation in english I would sing it

Marcia Siebels What is your personal fav song of your own

Bette Midler I really like a couple of the songs on this record. Let Me Just Follow Behind, which is on my third album. The experience of making that record was just great. I love (Talk To Me Of) Medinceino, I love the chorus. In my whole world I love to sing but the one that gets us all going the most is Wing Beneath My Wings, which I never expected to be a hit so had the added joy of being a surprise.

Bev McDermott did you like doing comedy or drama films

Bette Midler I loved it all. Every one was a challenge and every one had a new set of circumstances. I really enjoyed all of it.

Carrie McLaren What has been your favorite movie role and why?

Bette Midler Well the first one is always the greatest, so The Rose but then Hocus Pocus which has turned into one of the most beloved things I’ve ever done

Camille Echols What do you love most about touring?

Bette Midler The truth or the party line?

Alyn Wambeke What’s the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

Bette Midler James Wright’s ode to Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pie

Summer Miller Were you scared when you first started acting?

Bette Midler I was in HEAVEN!!!

Troy Hawkins What star has gotten on your nerves the most over the years?

Bette Midler My lips are sealed. To the grave, baby!

Andrew Gustin My mom and I came and saw you at the Pepsi Center in Denver. The show was outstanding we had a great time. What would you say is your favorite dish tradition during Thanksgiving? Also where can I get your version of the song Everybody Knows…it blew me away.

Bette Midler My husband is brining his bird as we speak.

Julie Hall Hays How do you do all of your shows in those high heels, don’t they hurt your feet?

Bette Midler I’m paying’ for it now, believe me!!

Cammie Frame What book are you currently reading?

Bette Midler A World Lit Only By Fire

Laura Comas How do you stay so skinny!??! You’re beautiful!

Bette Midler Thank you! I stayed away from the sugar….see earlier

Erin Waite 3 favourite books read in the past year?

Bette Midler The Wm Manchester trilogy on Churchill.

Kristan Pasch Would you ever duet with Justin Beiber? wink emoticon

Bette Midler I think he’s terrific. He thinks I’m someone called Brett Meddler.

Emma ‘Bloomers’ Parry Will there be another auction I would love another piece of Bette history heart emoticon heart emoticon XX

Bette Midler To tell the truth, I wish I had never sold any of it. I miss it all.

Olivia Simone If there is one piece of advice you could give me about life what would it be?

Bette Midler Everything in moderation. Take the middle way, as the Buddhists say.

Matthew Decker If you came out with your own fragrance what would it smell like?

Bette Midler I remember my mothers perfume, Tweed, a really old fragrance back in the 40’s. They asked me to create one during my show in Vegas, and I went to lab and tried to recreate it. If you ever see a bottle, that’s what it would smell like.

Corey G. Spence Bette Midler What movie scene has been your most difficult to perform?

Bette Midler Night shoots are the worst… okay, I’ll tell the truth. The worst part is when you have no communication with the Director or other people working with you. Thats when its really tough and you have to pull out every trick in the book.

Paul Elliott Are there any major achievements you have yet to fulfil ? Love ya xx

Bette Midler I have yet to replace my dog. It’s a love that cannot be replaced easily.

Matthew D Morse Do you ever re-watch any of your movies? I think I’ve seen Beaches, Big Business & Hocus Pocus 100’s of times. heart emoticon

Bette Midler I can honestly say never…. I watch scenes in snippets that I remember fondly. But there are some scenes where I can, by that glazed look in my eye, see that I was struggling, and those I try to avoid.

Mitsos Carroll Bette, my partner and I are getting married and were torn between two of your songs for our first dance. Personally I would love The Rose but, he think The Wind Beneath My Wings is better as that’s how he describes me. Please help us decide which one. Many thanks and much love from Greece Mitsos & Nikos xx

Bette Midler I would play The Rose because it’s easier to dance to

Rhonda Lynn Wise Why do you think Johnny Carson picked you to be his last guest on The Tonight Show?

Bette Midler I ask myself that at least once a week.

Julie Hall Hays How do you do all of your shows in those high heels, don’t they hurt your feet?

Bette Midler I’m paying’ for it now, believe me!!

Rebekah Long Bette! I’m a friend of Chas Sandford and I bought an old pump organ from him that he said you gave him! Do you remember it and is there any backstory to you buying it?

Bette Midler Is that an Accordion? The Orange one??

Otis Morgan In a recent interview, you admitted that there was one album that you wish you hadn’t made in the 70’s and were pressured by your producers. Was that album, THIGHS AND WHISPERS? If so, why? It’s personally one of my favorites. So many great ones off there, especially Hang On In There Baby.

Bette Midler I hate that song “Knights in Black Leather.” It was a real low for my dignity.

Joe Rico When you do think that you might release a new album?

Bette Midler I have an album dropping on December 4th, it’s called A Gift Of Love, curated by moi

Helen Belcher Hi Bette.I think you are brilliant ! Do you have any vices? Anything you just can’t say no to ?

Bette Midler Food, love food.

Amy Wilburn Bette, what is your favorite TV show?

Bette Midler Ab Fab, hands down!

James Sides What are you working on now?

Bette Midler This Q. & A.!

Jenny Vance Have you ever been to Ireland , Bette xx

Bette Midler Been, and loved it, one of the most beautiful in the world. Don’t tell anyone.

Tammy Sollars Were you born divine or did you grow into it?

Bette Midler I wrote a book called “The Saga of Baby Divine” that explains it all…

Bette Midler Oooh, that was fun!! We should get together more often! I’m game. Until then, be safe and stay warm. Gotta run…Thousands of mwaaahs, and talk soon…

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  1. I don’t have Facebook but wish someone would have asked about the status of the Mae West project, and a potential follow-up to “It’s the Girls”. Sad to hear about Hocus Pocus 2. Thanks for sharing Mister D!

    1. I asked a few months ago about the Mae West project and they said it was still a go. Just very early in development

  2. Thanks for compiling all this – it was difficult to sort through all the traffic and see what questions Bette was responding to. Appreciated.

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