10 Reasons To Love Goldie Hawn On Her 70th Birthday Today

Love Always: Goldie Hawn
A birthday tribute to a Hollywood ray of sunshine
by snicks
November 21, 2015


Presenting “Love Always,” a recurring feature in which we pay tribute to the women who helped shape our views on pop culture.

Since the day she giggled into our lives on Laugh-In, Goldie Hawn has been one of brightest rays of sunshine in Hollywood, an effervescent entity who brings warmth and humanity to every role she takes.

Always one of the greatest allies of the LGBT community (her apology for that tweet about the President of Nigeria was heartfelt and sincere), she’s used her celebrity to further humanitarian causes, and her iconic status is well-deserved.

Saturday is her 70th birthday, so here are just ten reasons (it was almost impossible to narrow down) why I will Love Always Goldie Hawn.

  1. Legends Unite!

    Goldie, Cher, Bette Midler, Lily Tomlin, Meryl Streep, and Olivia Newton-John perform “What A Wonderful World” at the Hollywood Bowl in 1990. You’re welcome.

  2. This 1987 pic

    LOS ANGELES - JANUARY 27: Actress Morgan Fairchild, playwright Neil Simon and actress Goldie Hawn attend the American Committee for the Tel Aviv Foundation Honors Goldie Hawn on January 27, 1987 at Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage)

    Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage

    Goldie and Morgan Fairchild at their most fabulous 80’s, and Neil Simon um, yeah.

  3. Private Benjamin

    Goldie received her second Oscar nomination in 1980 for the megahit Private Benjamin, which also gave Eileen Brennan one of her greatest roles.

  4. Foul Play

    1978’s Foul Play was another big hit for Goldie, who was probably the only artist who managed to keep the insufferable Chevy Chase tolerable.

  5. The First Wives Club

    “You don’t own me!”

  6. Overboard

    Goldie and Kurt are perfect together in the beloved Overboard, which has become a cult classic since it’s 1987 release.

  7. “Oh My Face!”

    The greatest Goldie moment from The First Wives Club

  8. Everyone Says I Love You

    Goldie is pure magic in this scene from the Woody Allen musical

  9. Death Becomes Her

    “En garde, bitch!” Where would be without Goldie and Meryl.

  10. Seems Like Old Times

    Finally, there’s my favorite Goldie performance, in 1980’s Seems Like Old Times. She’s at her most luminous here, effortlessly funny.

Goldie performs “Y.M.C.A.” on the Goldie and Liza 1980 TV special. You’re welcome.

Bonus #2

Her son, Scream Queens and former Nashville star Oliver Hudson inherited his mom’s cheeky humor


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