BetteBack May 14, 1993: Insiders Predict ‘Hocus Pocus’ Will Be A Stinker

Elyria Chronicle Telegram
May 14, 1993


Somebody has to finish last, and these are the candidates voted most likely not to succeed.

This is a tricky category in that one or two movies that sound lousy on paper turn out to be very pleasant surprises or even among the season’s hot motion pictures This grouping always includes a number of comedies not likely to make us laugh.

Charlie Sheen, Lloyd Bridges, and a host of others let themselves be embarrassed all over again in “Hot Shots Part Deux!” Sure to be an even lamer follow-up to the first block-headed spoof of “Top Gun.” May 21.

He hasn’t done it in a long time but Mel Brooks tries once again for a really funny movie with “Robin Hood: Men in Tights,” a send-up of recent big-screen versions of the legend of Sherwood Forest Gary Elwes and Isaac Hayes are in the cast

The sheer volume of flicks pumped out by Disney means a good number are going to be stinkers.

Better get out the clothespins for “Hocus Pocus” in which Kathy Najimy of “Sister Act,” Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker are three hanged witches whose spirits get conjured up in modern day Salem, Mass.

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