Anna Kendrick Says She Would Die for Bette Midler—Here’s Why…

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Anna Kendrick Says She Would Die for Bette Midler–Here’s Why”¦
By: Jackie Bonaventura – December 24, 2015


At age 70, Bette Midler is still going strong. Personally, our favorite memory from her career is her cameo on The Simpsons back in 1993 when she voiced herself. But all these years later, we’re still learning things about her. For instance, she’s apparently a whiz in the kitchen–well, sort of. And her latest recipe has gained her a new superfan: Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick!

On Twitter, Bette Midler posted a holiday recipe for eggnog that anyone can do, provided they’re 21 and older. She wrote, “Happy holidays to all: Here is my recipe for dairy-free, sugar-free, vegan eggnog: Bourbon.” Now that’s festive! The post was both liked and retweeted over 10, 000 times; guess a lot of people prefer Midler’s take on traditional eggnog.

And one of the people who liked Midler’s tweet was none other than fellow celebrity Anna Kendrick. The starlet made her opinion of the “recipe” clear with only four words: “I’d die for you.” Clearly, someone is planning to spend their holidays in the kitchen! Assuming, you know, that’s where the liquor cabinet is.\

Kendrick’s response received even more likes than the original tweet, at over 15,000. And fans of both stars definitely appreciated the pair’s interaction. “Two of my favourite legends coming together over booze. It’s a Christmas miracle!” wrote one elated fan. A lot of people added that they, in turn, would die for Anna Kendrick; while the dedication is easy to appreciate, let’s hope that none of them follow through on that. After all, it’s not very much in the Christmas spirit!

And if you’re not particular about what you put in your “eggnog,” one person suggested that scotch is a good sub if you don’t have bourbon.” We hope Bette Midler, Anna Kendrick, and all of you enjoy your holiday meals and treats, just be sure to drink your eggnog responsibly. Merry Christmas!

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