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Five Worth Finding
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–Trivia night at Pork Shoppe: Meat-focused Andersonville restaurant Pork Shoppe knows how to entertain on Wednesday nights ( starting at 7 p.m. ). Host Cayce mixes wit with questions that range all over the difficulty meter. ( “Where did Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton play college football?” ) Prizes include gift cards to–where else?–Pork Shoppe.

–CrossTown Fitness: The fitness chain offers more than a hundred classes in disciplines ranging from yoga and paddleboarding. The newest CrossTown Fitness has opened at Halsted and Addison streets in Lake View.

Teen Wolf: The MTV series proves itself to be miles away from the 1980s Michael J. Fox film ( and its sequel ), with dark, intricate plots; cool special effects; and a town where no one bats an eye when a boy casually kisses another boy.

Bette Midler‘s A Gift of Love: It definitely isn’t too late to buy this hit-laden CD for someone. Among the songs on this album are “The Rose,” “Bed of Roses,” “To Deserve You,” “Every Road Leads Back to You” and, of course, “Wind Beneath My Wings.”

–Wine Wipes and Pearly Wipes: Avoid embarrassing red wine-stained teeth ( a condition I discovered is called “Malbec Mouth” ) or bad breath with these little wipes that instantly remove and prevent teeth staining from red wine and other offensive food and drinks; brighten and whiten teeth; and freshen breath. Each set includes 50 individually packaged wipes–perfect for the tiniest clutch or bag.

–By Andrew Davis

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