BetteBack August 18, 1993: Katie Couric Interviews Bette Midler About “Experience The Divine”

Elyria Chronicle Telegram
August 18, 1993


No such problems with Bette Midler, whom Couric chatted up before Midler embarked on her first concert tour in 10 years.

While Couric played “The Rose” on the piano, Midler refused to sing with her “because my playing sounded like a third-grade recital.” (The scene was cut.)

Is Miss Bette nervous?

“Nervous? I’m absolutely panicstricken!” she tells Couric.

“Nervous? I’m flipped. I hope I won’t forget a lot of things. ‘Cause, you know, you get a little older and your memory starts to go. Did I say that already?”

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