8 Celebrities Who Got So Drunk At The Golden Globes, You’re Still Talking About It

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8 Celebrities Who Got So Drunk At The Golden Globes, You’re Still Talking About It
Fri, January 8, 2016 1:09pm EST by Lauren Cox


Remember that time Andrew Garfield flubbed his presentation? Or maybe you saw the viral video of Bette Midler trying to go down on her Golden Globe”¦ either way, here’s the top eight drunken moments from the show’s history!

Hey, it happens to everyone, right? Well, maybe only those privileged enough to get invited to the Golden Globe Awards year after year, where they can take full advantage of an open bar and enough champagne to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

While presenting his film, The Social Network, at the 2011 Golden Globes,Andrew Garfield flubbed a very important word. But how many takes did he need to get it right?

Bette Midler Is Hot For Her Golden Globe

Um, this one is NSFW!

Time To Cut Off Elizabeth Taylor

Thank goodness this drunk moment happened at the tail end of the 2001 Golden Globes, because it was definitely time for Elizabeth Taylor to go home.

Giuliana Rancic Drinks George Clooney’s Shot

Few things are more awkward than being turned down for a shot by George Clooney and then having to take it alone. Eek.

Drunk Celebrities Golden Globe






Jeremy Renner Hits On Jennifer Lopez

Oh, who can forget this hilarious Golden Globe moment? Jeremy Renner just couldn’t contain himself when he presented with Jennifer Lopez in a plunging dress with her, um, “globes” exposed.

Hugh Grant Loses Track Of Renee Zellweger


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Julia Roberts Comes Undone On The Carpet

Whoops! Maybe Julia Roberts should have waited until the show started to kick back a few glasses of champagne.

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