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Monday, February 29, 2016

Bette Midler’s Oscar Picks

From JrCEO’s: To rebuild America’s communities from the student up, by fostering entrepreneurship, leadership, personal growth, self-confidence, ambition that gives every young adult 11-17 a level playing-field, the inspiration to succeed and the room to dream. 12534221_1021589994597874_410821981_n Bette Midler Charity of Choice: Stages for Success Best Picture: The Revenant Best Actor: Eddie Redmayne Best Actress: Brie Larson Best Supporting Actor: Mark Ruffalo Best Supporting Actress: Alicia Vikander Best Director: George Miller Best Original Screenplay: Ex Machina Best Adapted Screenplay: The Big Short Best Animated Picture: Inside Out Best Cinematography: Mad Max: Fury Road Best Song: Lady Gaga – “Til It Happens to You”
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Bette Midler – P.S. I Love You from For The Boys

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Bette Midler On Motherhood:

Bette Midler On Motherhood: “Every mother wants to be remembered and I want my daughter to remember me. I read to her and play with her every chance I get. She doesn’t like me to sing to her, but she loves it when I do pratfalls. She adores the ‘Hocus Pocus’ character, and I do it for her at least once a day. She is such a source of joy to me. Having a child is the best thing I ever did” (Beaver County Times – Apr 9, 1997) Bette Midler: Bootleg Betty's photo.
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Bette Midler – Papa Loves Mambo from Jinxed

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Bette Midler – Delores Delago – Experience The Divine Tour – 1993

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Bette Midler On Hollywood And Movies:

Bette Midler On Hollywood And Movies: “My take on the world is so peculiar and so odd that Hollywood writers and directors didn’t know what to do with me. And there were too many of them to bang all their heads together to try and change them” (Beaver County Times – Apr 9, 1997) Sketch/Illustration: loisbrand Bette Midler: Bootleg Betty's photo.
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BetteBack December 28, 1993: Memorable Moments From Television 1993

Syracuse Post Standard December 28, 1993 2444081,kbAjQ2AVf2rYpUKme42Sv4p5RZ5tEmm90NM5dkbf0Rr7Y6ndrWVt3TSkakTsbdK0YDjzV1xJTYwtQa_3w1eR_w== In a cockeyed channel-surfing world, the memorable TV moments multiply. Cable is everywhere. Fiber optic is coming. We now inhabit an incredibly fragmented TV landscape. So it’s tough to get a consensus on unforgettable. Increasingly, all TV memories are personal. You, for instance, might fixate on scaring televised memories of last spring’s Branch Davidian conflagration in Waco. The merry prankster next to you, however, may prefer to obsess about the time Beavis and Butt-head licked a frog to get high. So here are a few of my personal, most memorable TV things in no particular order Maya Angelou’s endless, droning swamp of free verse at the Clinton inaugural. It was an eerie echo of Robert Frost at JFK’s 1960 swearing-in. A rose is a rose is a rose. And leaden, portentous poetry is still leaden, portentous poetry. Roseanne and Dan Conner smoke dope. “Roseanne” became TV’s most interesting — and honest — family comedy series in years by taking chances and doing the unexpected. This bit of provocative, non-glamorizing reefer madness was absolutely inspired. And very, very funny. David Lettorman instantly slays the late-night dragons. Jay who? Chevy who? Arsenio who? Despite all the endless, 0verwrought network hype and media buzz, ”Late Show With David Letterman” didn’t disappoint. Dave sauntered over to CBS, spiffed up his wardrobe and landed comfortably at 11:30 weeknights in late August with the funniest, coolest and best late-night show since Johnny Carson’s heyday in the late 1960s and early ’70s. Bart Simpson’s giant balloon rips open and deflates during network coverage of Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. A sure sign the pop culture apocalypse is upon us. If there really was a cartoon god, the Garfield balloon would have collapsed. Michael meets Oprah in Neverland. Sorry about this, but snarky hindsight is inescapable. Oprah gushed, Michael dissembled shamelessly. Naturally, ABC’s ratings went through the roof. A master stroke of fawning, satellite-delivered celebrity hooey.

Members of the “Cheers” cast ...  Read More

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Bette Midler expertly shades the Oscars over #OscarsSoWhite

USA Today Bette Midler expertly shades the Oscars over #OscarsSoWhite Jaleesa M. Jones, USA TODAY 6:58 p.m. EST February 28, 2016 12725184_746801015421420_797176039_n As conversation continues to swirl around Leonardo DiCaprio’s under-appreciated thespianism, Bette Midler has issued a pointed reminder about the Academy Awards’ continual failure to recognize black actors of equal mettle.
“The Oscars are today!” the multi-hyphenate performer tweeted Sunday. “You know, the awards show where Leonardo DiCaprio is ‘overdue’ but black people can ‘wait till next year.’”
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Bette Midler Attends Exclusive Graydon Carter Luncheon

Page Six An Oscars event so exclusive that Elton John wasn’t invited By Ian Mohr February 28, 2016 | 10:47pm 12783413_1538880589740551_674062735_n Barry Diller hosted his annual Oscars weekend luncheon at his Beverly Hills estate with Diane von Furstenberg on Saturday — and this year’s guest list was more exclusive then ever. “They cut the list in half,” explained a guest who added that there were 400 VIPs who made the cut this year. As Diller made the rounds barefoot in Bermuda shorts, Hollywood execs, stars, directors and “the young Euro set” mixed at the afternoon event, which this year honored Vanity Fair’s Graydon Carter. Spotted were Les Moonves, Michael Eisner, Jim Gianopulos, Howard Stringer, Tom Freston, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steve Tisch and Robert Kraft, along with Bradley Cooper, David O. Russell, Oprah Winfrey, the Coen bros., Matt Weiner, Larry Gagosian, Julianne Moore, Norman Lear, Bette Midler and Ginevra Elkann. Not in the mix was Elton John — who was overheard telling a pal at Craig’s on Friday night of the Diller bash, “I’m never invited.” But busy John this year was scheduled to perform a daytime concert on Saturday anyway — “Elton John Live on the Sunset Strip.” He dined Friday with Texas socialite Lynn Wyatt, who did make it to Diller’s bash, “looking amazing in a black leather jacket,” a spy said.
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Sunday, February 28, 2016

BetteBack December 27, 1993: Bette Midler Donates Opera Singer Marion Anderson’s Gowns To Museum

Daily Globe December 27, 1993 ff107 NEW YORK (AP) — Broadway and screen star Bette Midler has given the Museum of the City of New York 11 gowns and one coat that once belonged to Marian Anderson. The museum says the gowns were bought for the museum by Midler, “a patron whose historical and theatrical conscience provided the incentive for the purchase at auction.” Anderson, renowned African American singer, wore the garments at concerts from the 1930s through the early 1950s. The museum says of them: “Spanning three decades and evidencing a preference for gilt lame, their sumptuous simplicity echoes the timeless perfection and richness of Miss Anderson’s contralto (regarded by many as the voice of the century).” The gowns will be displayed at a gala on Feb. 3 at the City College of New York to redcdicate an auditorium to the Marian Anderson Theater. Hillary Rodham Clinton will serve as honorary chairperson for the gala, which will feature performances by opera stars Jessye Norman and Martina Arroyo, poet Maya Angleou and the Dance Theater of Harlem, among others. The special display of the gowns, in the lobby is a tribute to Anderson was “the single stipulation of Ms. Midler’s generous offer-of-gift,” according to the museum. After the gala, the gowns will go on show at the museum as part of the institution’s theater collection.
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