BetteBack October 23, 1993: Why Does Bette Midler Charge So Much For Tickets?

Clearfield Progress
October 23, 1993


Bette Midler was to finish her tour this weekend at Radio City Music Hall, where the top ticket price was $100. Even in smaller cities than New York, seats were $50 and $75. Her fans aren’t rich. Why does Midler charge so much? Keith Hainlin, Cincinnati

Because she can.

Midler belongs to that “rare breed of artist who can command that type of price,” says Jane Cohen, editor of Performance. And Midler’s show – packed with 2′ 1/2 hours of elaborate choreography and costumes – is more Broadway production than typical concert.

Factors playing into the price: payroll, theater size, labor, demand, security costs – and, of course, how much the star wants to make. Her publicist wouldn’t discuss that.

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