BetteBack January 14, 1994: Did Bette Hire Strippers For Her Birthday Party?

Medicine Hat News
January 14, 1994


Q: What’s this about Bette Midler hosting a private party for her male entourage featuring a female stripper? – GJS.

A: Even though Bette was sensational as Mama Rose in the recent TV version of Gypsy, she has not gone off the deep end about strippers or stripteasing. My Kansas City spies report that Midler passed through town recently with her “Experience the Divine” concert show. A local club promoter got wind that the date coincided with Midler’s 48th birthday and planned a rise celebration. In addition to gifts presented to the singer-actress and her party of 25, a magician and belly dancer were hired to spice things up. The belly dancer, not a stripper, shimmied in a silver- and goldcoin costume from Egypt. The irrepressible Bette loved it, and, naturally enough, joined the shimmying.

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