Happy International Women’s Day!

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Recapping women for International Women’s Day
By Kanoa Lloyd
Tuesday 8 Mar 2016 10:51 p.m


It’s International Women’s Day, so Newshub took a look at some of the swings and roundabouts of the world of women in the past year.

In New Zealand, how have some of our most powerful women marked the occasion?

Louise Upston, Minister for Women’s Affairs, sent a tweet this morning:

But Ms Upston wasn’t exactly visible in Parliament today so we asked some colleagues about her tweet.

Judith Collins had no idea what the tweet meant, but she didn’t let that stop her dishing out some tips for the ladies.

“I’ve always found in life that actually it’s the great guys that don’t get frightened and intimidated by strong women.”

In fact words of wisdom came thick and fast.

When asked if he knew who the Minister for Women was, Winston Peters said it was a “silly question” and laughed.

Perhaps by this time next year we’ll get a straight answer?

But in the meantime, a look back at the year that was.

Beyoncé sang about being a woman — a black one at that. She got called out for inciting hate.

Mattel decided there might be something to this whole diversity bit after all and announced a line of Barbies with different body types.

Singer Kesha accused a music producer of rape. She lost a court case which would have meant she didn’t have to work with him anymore.
Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Lorde spoke out in support
Louise Nicholas was made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for her work with survivors of rape.

Female MPs revealed personal experiences with sexual abuse, were shut up by the Speaker, and then walked out of Parliament in protest.

Former US Secretary of State Madeline Albright wheeled out her favourite phrase while campaigning for a woman who could be the first female president of the United States one day:

“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.”

And today Kim Kardashian and Bette Midler started sledging each other online because Kim took her clothes off again.

It’s been an eventful one ladies — happy International Women’s Day.

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