BetteBack January 19, 1994: Democrat Girl (Streisand) loses to the Divine Miss M

Sandusky Register
January 19, 1994


While Democrat Girl was earning trillions of bucks in Las Vegas New Year’s Eve. the fabulous and incomparable Bette Midler was performing in San Francisco (an interesting but vastly overrated and very expensive citv in California).

The point is: 500 of the Midler-concert tickets were sold for $500 each with proceeds from those earmarked for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. The show raised $250.000. according to the foundation. Midler said she was pleased to raise money for an organization fighting AIDS

New Year’s Eve was one of the best nights of my life ”

Now there is even more reason to adore her.

And speaking of Democrat Girl: It was very nice of her to fly to Arkansas to attend the funeral of President Clinton’s mother, but fashionable as Babs is, couldn’t she have given poor Roger Clinton fashion advice? (We suppose you saw that photo that showed him wearing a red uindbreaker and a gaudy tie to his mother’s funeral.)

Further on the divine Streisand: This is not to say she hasn’t done her share of fund raising for AIDS foundations and research. She has – and so have the divine Elizabeth Taylor and the semi-divine Madonna.

We love all these women – and the incomparable Lily Tomlin as well. (As for boys, the only one we can think of to admire right now is Jimmy Carter.)

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