BetteBack June 19, 1994: What Happened To Ken Wahl From ‘Jinxed’?

Burlington Times News
June 19, 1994


Q: What happened to that gorgeous hunk Ken Wahl, who used to play on the series “ Wiseguy “? Is there any explanation for his disappearance from the celebrity scene?–Tammy Borah, Sacramento, Calif

A: ln an industry chockablock with tempestuous personalities, Ken Wahl, 38, stands out for his talent for picking fights with influential people. While filming “Jinxed!” in 1982 with superstar Bette Midler, Wahl said he had to make himself think of his dog every time he was asked to kiss Midler. And after three seasons on “Wiseguy,” he left the TV show in 1990 because of ”˜creative differences” with megaproducer Stephen J. Cannoli. Besides these gaffes, the actor blames his “disappearance” on a motorcycle crash in 1992 in Malibu that, he says, left him in a coma–though the police have no record of the accident. Today, Wahl accepts small roles in movies while seeking a chance for a comeback. ”˜The Favor,” his latest release, actually was filmed in 1990. His most recent starring role was in “Search for Grace,” a TV movie shown on CBS last month. Wahl is divorced from Corinne Alphen, 39, a former “Penthouse” Pet of the Year. They have a son, Raymond, IO.

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