BetteBack August 28, 1994: Midler, Alexander performing on Emmys

Cedar Rapids Gazette
August 28, 1994


HOLLYWOOD — Bette Midler and Jason Alexander will be the sole musical performers on this year’s Emmy Awards show, with Bette belting a selection from her heavily nominated version of “Gypsy!” — and Jason doing a number about TV’s endangered art form, the series theme song

“It’s difficult to put music into awards shows like this.” says Emmy show producer Don Mischer. “Research studies have shown that people tend to channel-surf during musical numbers on the Emmys, the Oscars . . However, he points out that neither of this year’s acts is a typical awards show production number. “Bette made TV history with ’Gypsy!.’ and Jason is amazingly talented. Viewers who’ve only seen him on ‘Seinfeld’ will be surprised.”

Mischer says he’s delighted with his list of performers and presenters on this year’s show — a list that so far includes such names as Candice Bergen. Jerry Seinfeld. Angela Lansbury, Peter Falk. Dennis Franz, Jay I^no, Garry Shandling. Kelsey Crammer, Tracey Ullman.

“Everyone but David Caruso, I think,” Mischer says.

And that probably includes TV’s other big Dave — Letterman.

” I’m not IOO percent sure about him, but it appears likely he ll be here.” Mischer says of Letterman. “His show has had such a huge effect on television and gotten so much attention this year, and he and his writers and the show are up for awards.”

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