Bette Midler has announced that she’s running for US presidency… kind of

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Is Bette Midler running for US presidency?
17:56 22nd March 2016 by Daniel Megarry


Bette Midler has announced that she’s running for US presidency”¦ kind of.

While we’d love to see the musical icon taking place in the White House, Bette was actually giving us a major throwback to one of her 90s performances.

Writing on Twitter, the musician said: “Tired of our candidates for prez? Quit your carping! Tomorrow I’ll be announcing a 3rd party candidate who’s up to her gills in good ideas!”

Of course, Bette was referencing her on-stage alter-ego, Delores DeLago, a wheelchair-bound mermaid who announced that she’d be running for president during her Divine Miss Millennium tour back in 1999.

It’s been 17 years since, but could we finally be seeing a place in the White House for the musical icon? We’d take Bette over Donald Trump any day”¦

Check out the video below.

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