BetteBack March 19, 1996: Who Will Play Mame In The TV Adaption

Daily Herald Suburban Chicago
March 19, 1996


Jerry Herman is determined to see his classic, “ Marne,” as a TV spectacular. There was talk that Bette Midler might do it (she brought ratings glory to the small tube with “Gypsy“). But now I think Bette won’t.

Who might? How about the divine Liza Minnelli? No longer a gamin, Liza would perfectly fill the role of the sophisticated but wacky Marne Dennis. And just think what she could do with Herman’s famous blockbuster ballad, “If He Walked Into My Life.” Liza as Marne – we love this idea. Even if it is ours.

Oh, yes, and despite the continuing, just-below-the-surface gossip that all is not well with Liza, we have been assured that she’s just fine. Her much-commented-on weight loss is part of Liza’s hip replacement therapy. (Extra pounds don’t sit well on newly melded
artificial joints.)

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