BetteBack October 6, 1996: Loose Lips

The Buffalo News (Buffalo, NY)
October 6, 1996


Actor Sinbad, star of “First Kid,” on smoking: “I went to walk upstairs to go to the bathroom, and I almost fell over on my butt. I was so sick. I will never touch another cigar in my life.”

Punk-folk singer Ani DiFranco, on the seeds of her look: “I was about 17 and guys were coming to hear me play because I was cute. I thought: Maybe I don’t want to beattractive at all. Maybe I want to shave my head and put on heavy black boots and see who’ll listen to me then.”

Actor Brad Pitt, on growing up in Oklahoma and Missouri:
“When I was growing up, we had only the Top 40 country songs on the radio. They figured that’s all we’d listen to, but if we’d been offered something else, it would have been accepted. It’s a little likea closed society. You can only experience what’s available.”

Actress Lara Flynn Boyle, on filming “The Big Squeeze” in dangerous neighborhoods: “I wasn’t afraid for my safety. I’d rather take a bullet than not make a movie.” Musician Sting, on his muse: “I used to believe very strongly that in order to write anything worthwhile, you needed to be in some sort of crisis.”

Actress Bette Midler, on working with women: “It’s not as uptight as when the big guys are on the set. They suck up a lot of air and need a lot of attention. With women, you let your hair down and the fur flies.”

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