BetteBack October 15, 1996: Full Enchilada? Or Full Ivana?

Doylestown Intelligencer
October 15, 1996


Q: In “The First Wives Club,” when the women are discussing plastic surgery, Bette Midler says to Goldie Hawn, “Did you have just a little done, or did you get the full enchilada? If memory serves me correctly (and I’m sure it does), in the theatncal preview
containing this scene, Midler says, “or did you get the full Ivana” During the actual film, it is very apparent that they did an audio dub over “Ivana” to replace it I’m wondenng if, considering Ivana Trump was in the movie, they felt that they should change it – Matt Thiesen, Maple Grove, Minn

A: Obviously

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