BetteBack January 14, 1997: Bette Midler says weights, treadmill trimmed her down

Santa Ana Orange County Register
January 14, 1997


Dieting had nothing to do with the svelte body Bette Midler is sporting these days.

“Exercise is the only thing that really counts in getting the body in shape,” she said at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Hotel after the taping of her Saturday HBO concert special. ” I work out an hour a day – 30 minutes with weights, 30 minutes on the treadmill. It’s the weights that really do it.”

During the taping of the show before a crowd of some 15,000, she kept asking, “Don’t I look great?” And the audience kept roaring its approval. She ended up receiving nearly a dozen standing ovations as she sizzled her way through one sensational number after another.

MEANWHILE…Midler’s screen career is absolutely sizzling these days. She’ll be starring in “Ladyfingers” for Mike Medavoy‘s Phoenix Films. In development for her and Candice Bergen is a distaff version of the Billy Wilder comedy “The Fortune Cookie,” in which Jack
Lemmon and Waltar Matthau starred in 1966. She and Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton will team in “Avon Ladies Of The Amazon” at U.A. – if scripters can figure out how to turn a story about one woman into a vehicle for three leading ladies. Then there’s “Welcome to the Family.” That’s still being developed at Sid Shelnberg’s The Bubble Works for Bette.

All these projects will be either produced or co-produced by Bette and her partner Bonnie Bruckheimer for their All Girls Productions. When you’re hot!

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