Barbra’s Best Bette (Part 1)

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Barbra’s Best Bette (Part 1)


They are a coupla white chicks sitting around talking”¦NOT! Barbra Streisand and Bette Midler do anything but sit around. They perform in concerts across the globe. They make movies. They make albums. They write books. They save the environment. And what’s really nice, they support each other’s work. Earlier on, Bette attended the Yentl premiere with tissues in hand and was an honored (and pregnant) invitee at One Voice. More recently, Barbra attended Bette’s play, I’ll Eat You Last, and her latest concert tour, Divine Intervention.

Did you know two of Bette’s biggest hit films contain Barbra references? In her starring debut, The Rose, Bette performs “Fire Down Below” alongside a female Midler/Rose impersonator as well as a Barbra impersonator, who states, “Hello gorgeous. Talk about your Second Hand Rose, huh?” Very clever. And in The First Wives Club, there’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it photo of Barbra with Johnny Mathis from the 1984 Scopus Awards in Goldie Hawn’s character’s ex-husband’s office. Bette also dressed up as Barbra (in One Voice look) for the Halloween episode of her 2000 TV series, Bette. Midler uttering “Hello gorgeous” sealed the deal.

In recent years, these two humanitarians/superstars/powerhouses have also gotten more in touch with their fans, with selected backstage greetings. How lucky can you get!

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