Celebrities Take To Twitter For Presidential Debate

Celebrities Take To Twitter For Presidential Debate
September 27, 2016


  1. It was a historic duel: Hillary Clinton (68) and Donald Trump (70) were in last night for the first time in the US election campaign live opposite. ӬӬ

    Up to 100 million people wanted to see how the two attacked verbally and conducted a heated debate. And Hollywood has mitgeguckt!

    Apparently quite a lot of US celebrities sat glued to the television, because many expressed their network for TV debate Clinton vs. Trump.

    Stars like singer Katy Perry (31), talk show legend Ellen DeGeneres (58), “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria (41) or scandal noodle Miley Cyrus (23) have added their two cents in social media.

    â–º Clinton supporter Katy Perry shot sharply against Trump, quoted Clinton: “You live in your own reality!”

    â–º singer and actress Bette Midler (70) commented; “Oh, have a look. Hillary has her friends reason and experience invited to the debate. “

    â–º actress Eva Longoria called after Brian Williams Lester Holt: “Why interrupts Trump because again and again? Lester, where are you? ”

    â–º host Ellen DeGeneres appealed to all viewers: “It is said that 100 million people watch this debate. If you’re interested enough to zuzugucken, I hope that you are also interested in the Select. We need you. “

    â–º singer Miley Cyrus posted himself in front of a TV screen and pressed her sympathy for Hillary Clinton made by covert Trump.

    Not only with most celebrities, who commented on the network for TV debate, Hillary Clinton was in slugfest forward. Even a quick poll of CNN saw Clinton with 62 percent front, Trump saw only 27 percent of respondents as the winner.

  2. Proud of @HillaryClinton had a vision and a plan and did her thing, she was on point well done

  3. Oh, look, Hillary invited her friends Sanity and Experience to the debate.

  4. he can lie all he wants. average is about 18 lies a day. saying he has a better temperament than hillary is actually bat shit bonkers.

  5. They say 100M people are watching these . If you’re interested enough to watch, I hope you’re interested enough to vote. We need you

  6. If u just turn off the TV right now and do nothing, you’ve just elected Donald Trump. Do something! Plan what you’re going to do tomorrow.

  7. She’s showing stamina in this debate. She looks damn presidential to me. Smart. Calm. Classy.

  8. Why does Trump keep interrupting? Lester where are you?!!!

  9. At the evenings debates, Trump said he “never said” global warming was a hoax created by the chinese. His Twitter feed seems to disagree. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/265895292191248385 ”¦

  10. That was a pathetic, unprepared, meltdown from an idiotic@realDonaldTrump. But we still have to work HARD to ensure his BS doesn’t win.

  11. Hillary: “I am prepared, educated and informed.”
    Donald: “I had something super mean to say but I am keeping it to myself!”

  12. SNIIIIFFFFFFFFFFF. SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF. I’m VERY VERY worried about Trump’s health. What is he hiding?

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