‘Hocus Pocus’ Fun Facts And Trivia: 15 Things You May Not Have Known About The Halloween Movie

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”˜Hocus Pocus’ Fun Facts And Trivia: 15 Things You May Not Have Known About The Halloween Movie
10/03/16 AT 10:56 AM


It’s not Halloween unless you’ve watched “Hocus Pocus” about a dozen times! The 1993 Disney film, which starred Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy, is a cult classic and airs multiple times on TV throughout the month of October. Fans know every line by heart – but what about facts and trivia? Check out 15 things you may not have known about “Hocus Pocus”

  • “Hocus Pocus” was set on Halloween and is a go-to movie to watch in October, but it was actually released in theaters on July 16.
  • Actor Jason Marsden voiced the cat, Thackery Binx. Right after the movie came out he landed the role of DJ Tanner’s boyfriend, Nelson, on “Full House.” He’s since had a successful career as a voice actor, landing roles in “Invader ZIM,” “House of Mouse,” “Kim Possible,” “The Fairly OddParents,” “The Legend of Korra” and “Transformers: Rescue Bots.”
  • Sean Murray didn’t have a lot of screen time as human Thackery, but he gets plenty of screen time now. He’s starred on the CBS drama “NCIS” as Timotthy McGee since 2003.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio was offered the role of Max before Omri Katz landed the part. Rosie O’Donnell was linked to the role of Mary Sanderson before Kathy Najimy was cast.
  • If you visit Planet Hollywood in Orlando, Florida, you can get a look at some memorabilia from the movie. One of the stone statues of Bette Midler as Winifred is on display, as well as the spell book.
  • Thackery’s little sister Emily was portrayed by a young actress named Amanda Shepherd. “Hocus Pocus” is her only acting credit. She’s now a real estate agent in Malibu, California. You can see a photo of her HERE.
  • YouTube star Jodie-Amy Rivera was previously given credits for the role of Emily, however it was a mix up. According to Cosmopolitan she told a radio host that she had a small role in “Hocus Pocus,” which started the confusion. She actually had a non-speaking role as one of the modern day Salem kids being lured to the Sanderson house by Sarah Sanderson’s song.
  • “Come Little Children” was originally believed to be a poem written by Edgar Allen Poe. It was actually written by songwriter Brock Walsh.
  • Alison’s home is actually a museum that you can enter. The building is called The Ropes Mansion, and it’s located at 318 Essex St. in Salem, Massachusetts. It was originally built in 1768.
  • The Ropes Mansion is rumored to be the “most haunted” place in Salem. Nathaniel Ropes, an unpopular judge, died of smallpox in the house. His wife, Abigail, burned to death in the home a few years later. It’s said that they haunt the house.
  • Max and Dani’s house isn’t actually in Salem. The real house is located at 4 Ocean Ave. in Beverly, Massachusetts. It’s about 10 minutes away from Salem. According to Mental Floss, the house is estimated to be worth $341,941.
  • A lot of the exterior shots were filmed in Salem, where the movie takes place. However, the interior shots were filmed on a backlot in Hollywood, California.
  • The Griswold house from “Christmas Vacation” can be seen in the background when Max, Allison and Dani are celebrating outside of the high school. The house is not really in Salem, but a prop house in the Warner Bros. backlot. A total of 12 homes appear on the fictional Blondie Street.
  • The moths that came out of Billy Butcherson’s mouth were reportedly real.
  • “Hocus Pocus” is airing on Freeform 10 times during their 2016 “13 Nights of Halloween”programming event.
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