Bette Midler Compares Blake Shelton To John Wayne

Boston Globe
Bette Midler Compares Blake Shelton To John Wayne
OCTOBER 29, 2016


Bette Midler certainly seems to be enjoying her first season as a judge on ‘The Voice‘.

She told Celebuzz that she was unsure about taking the job at first, but that a friend convinced her by telling her to “show them what it means to be a performer”.

She also really seems to like Blake Shelton. “Blake is a hoot!” said the Hocus Pocus star, “He is on the small screen, but I personally think–if I were his agent–I would get him on a big screen as quick as possible”¦ He’s so photogenic, like a John Wayne Type.”

She also says of The Voice, “This show has a real sweetness at its core. It’s not mean-spirited.”

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