BetteBack June 12, 1997: Bette Midler heading to TV in ‘The Harlettes’

Cedar Rapids Gazette
June 12, 1997


HOLLYWOODBette Midler is turning her talent to weekly TV.

She and her All Girl Productions partner Bonnie Bruckheimer are executive-producing a sitcom titled “The Harlettes” – which, of course, is the name of Bette’s backup group. It will deal not only with the personal lives of the trio, but with their professional responsibilities and pressures working with a temperamental superstar. Guess who? You don’t have to guess.

We understand Midler will play The Star herself in the pilot edition of the show – and is expected to pop in for occasional appearances as the series unfolds. Casting is under way for the Castle Rock series.

This seems to be a time of transition for Midler. Her recent movie, “The Old Feeling,” bombed badly. She’s supposed to step into the shoes of the late Eva Gabor in a Fox TV movie version of the vintage sitcom “Green Acres.” And, oh yes, she’s been agent shopping.

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