BetteBack February 15, 1998: Bette Midler Mulls Over Role Of Jackie Susann

The Boston Globe (Boston, MA)
February 15, 1998


VALLEY OF MIDLER? In what may set a new standard for camp fabulousness, Bette Midler is mulling an offer to play Jacqueline Susann, the bigger-than-life author of such books as “Valley of the Dolls,” “Once Is Not Enough,” and “The Love Machine.” The biofilm, to be titled, “Isn’t She Great,” will be written by Paul Rudnick, who penned such films as “In & Out” and “Jeffrey.” Nathan Lane will play Susann’s husband-manager, Irving Mansfield, and Andrew Bergman, last behind the camera for the dreadful “Striptease,” will direct. In 1967, “Valley of the Dolls,” Susann’s trash classic about drugs, sex, and general misbehavior among Hollywood starlets, was made into a memorably awful but highly entertaining film starring Patty Duke, Sharon Tate, and Susan Hayward. Susann died of cancer in 1974 at age 53.

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