Video: Bette Midler approves of young boy’s magical ‘Hocus Pocus’ cover

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Bette Midler approves of young boy’s magical ‘Hocus Pocus’ cover
December 4, 2016

(Andrew Cooper)

Here’s one kid who won’t need a salt circle.

A British boy got the attention of Bette Midler after an enchanting video of him performing her Hocus Pocus song “I Put a Spell on You” went viral this week. Donning a red wig — à la Midler’s Disney witch Winifred Sanderson — and clothed in a robe draped with a polka-dotted blanket, Alfie Shields perfectly imitates Midler’s choreography, hand gestures, and facial expressions, all the while belting out the lyrics to the song.

“I’ve stopped putting videos on Facebook of Alfie cos he didn’t want me to,” his dad Steven said on Facebook, “but he has asked me to put this one on. Here’s Alfie being Winifred from Hocus Pocus….”

After getting some love earlier this week from EllenNation, a platform where fans of talk show host DeGeneres share fun and inspirational videos, the Divine Miss M saw the young Brit’s performance and shared her approval: “This is a must watch! Alfie nailed it!” she tweeted Wednesday.

As the video grew in popularity — it’s been viewed some 2.3 million times on Facebook and shared over 31,000 times — Steven explained on his page, “Before Alfie could talk he was trying to sing, and ever since, he has put on performances like this (I have videos to prove it!). We could be anywhere (supermarket, on a train, restaurants, etc.) and he will all of a sudden belt out song.”

He continued: “I’m a big football fan and into my sport, and we both have banter and wind each other up about him not liking football and me not liking his… How do I put it….. more ‘extravagant’ performances!! There is one thing me and my wife would never do and that is try and change who he is. There is no such thing as a perfect child; as long as they healthy, show respect, and know right from wrong, then there is nothing else you can do apart from letting them be who they are.”

See Alfie’s spellbinding performance below.

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