Bette Midler On Being Lucky In Hollywood:

Bette Midler On Being Lucky In Hollywood: “It didn’t start out as that at all, In fact, Goldie, Diane and I have been pretty lucky. There are a lot of women our age who have started out on the same path and haven’t had the good luck we have. But what can you do? I’m too old to have an axe to grind any more. I can’t go tilting at windmills for the rest of my life and all the yelling and venom in the world isn’t going to help anyone. As far as Hollywood is concerned, the bottom line is the dollar. That’s the only thing that’s going to change them I would love to get my revenge on the system and believe me if I had a chance I would. But you can’t spend your entire life in that mould But you know what?” she says, her smile breaking into the biggest grin you’ve ever seen. “A hit is always the best revenge!” (Sunday Mirror, 1996)

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