An Interview With Gavin Creel (Hello Dolly!) by Christy Labonte

An Interview With Gavin Creel by Christy Labonte
December 31, 2016

Gavin Creel and Christy Labonte
Gavin Creel and Christy Labonte


I attended an absolutely amazing evening with Gavin Creel and Seth Rudetsky hosting at the Parker Playhouse in Ft. Lauderdale.

Gavin is playing the Cornelius role in Hello Dolly.

He talked about how this was his last public performance as he would be starting rehearsals for Hello, Dolly on January 16th. He said he is thrilled to be working with Bette who is such a legend and mentioned the 9.1 million dollar first day ticket sales. During the night they talked about his life and career and in between he would sing songs. At one point he sang I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today and when he was done, he mentioned how it was in Beaches and mentioned how in the movie Bette’s character was singing it in a studio as Barbara Hershey‘s character was getting more sick and how Marc Shaiman produced that soundtrack who he adores and he happened to have a chance to work with.

At the very end, he did an encore of “It Only Takes a Moment” which he will sing in Hello Dolly which was absolutely spectacular. Just wait until you hear it in the show, just amazing!

After the show, I met him and I talked to him about how my birthday is a day before his and he said his sister’s birthday is my birthday, so crazy, so he asked me how old I was and I told him and he jokingly said “She came before you!” and said it was cool to meet a fellow Aries. I told him I was coming to see Hello Dolly opening weekend and he said “Oh your birthday week, awesome!”

I told him I saw him in She Loves Me and thought he was fantastic and he thanked me. I asked him what it was like working with Bette so far and he said it’s been fantastic, that she is such a lege (meaning legend but he pronounced it that way, really cute!) I mentioned to him how he said in an interview that when she sang the title song in rehearsal, everyone burst into tears and he said, yes absolutely, she’s just phenomenal.

I told him I met her several times, he again said yea she’s great and said that I will be at the stage door opening weekend and he said, “Yes, please, come on by!” He was really sweet, a great guy, and he will just slay in Hello Dolly. His voice is just amazing!!


Gavin Creel, Crusty Labonte, Seth Rudetsky
Gavin Creel, Crusty Labonte, Seth Rudetsky
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One thought on “An Interview With Gavin Creel (Hello Dolly!) by Christy Labonte

  1. This is not an interview… this is just you meeting and talking to Gavin. Your title is very misleading and clickbait-y. You should change it. Will just make people not want to visit your blog anymore.

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