BetteBack September 13, 1998: What’s Bette Midler Doing Next After Murphy Brown Cameo?

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September 13, 1998

Q: Bette Midler was hilarious as Candace Bergen‘s last secretary in the season finale of Murphy Brown. But frankly, I’d rather have a new Bette album.

A: Wait no more, Bette Midler’s newest CD, Bathhouse Betty, her first in three years, hits stores this month.  It includes the title song from Meryl Streep‘s new movie, One True Thing.

You aren’t alone in noticing Midler’s campy turn on Murphy Brown. ABC tried to lure her into a sitcom deal.  Nothing came of it for this season; however, Midler may make some kind of deal with Carsey-Werner known for developing comedies around strong women.

The ever employable Midler also has begun work on Isn’t She Great playing the Valley Of The Dolls author, Jackie Susann.  Her costar: Nathan Lane.

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