Bette Midler On Growing Up In Honolulu:

Bette Midler On Growing Up In Honolulu: “I grew up in Honolulu. My father came there before the war and then after it was over he had three kids so he didn’t leave. They’re weeeeird, my parents. Thirty years in Hawaii and it’s like they’re still in New Jersey. In grammar school, I was the only white kid in my class. I was always getting unexcused absences for the Jewish holidays. It used to freak me out. I was afraid of people. In a pinch, I could be aggressive with people but I always worried what they thought of me. It was hard. But thennnn ,she makes a mockdramatic flourish with the garlic knife,,. I came into my glory in high school. I bullosssomed. I blossomed into a D-cup and there were finally white kids in my school. I was even popular. It was a real surprise because before that I had always been left out. In high school I became a person. That was when I began to realize I wasn’t as bad as I thought. Those were happy times, which is why I like the early ’60s music so much-especially the girl groups, like the Shan-Gri-Las. Oh, they were tuffff, huhnee, weren’t they?” (Modern Hi-Fi & Stereo Guide, June 1973)

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