Who Will Replace Bette Midler As Dolly Next Year?

Who Will Rep;ace Bette Midler As Dolly Next Year?
By Adam Dupuis | April 29, 2017


We saw many a stars perform as Hedwig in “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” It’s very common to replace the lead to either give them a break so they can return to reality or the switch is done to generate more buzz around the musical and its new star. Bette Midler has only just opened on Broadway in ‘Hello, Dolly’ and producers are already planning on replacing her.

“Bette has signed on for one year. The entire run is almost sold out and now producers are looking for life after she leaves,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “The person that they all agree would be perfect to follow Bette is Dolly Parton. The show would literally be, “Hello, DOLLY!”

No deal has been reached yet with the country legend but she is top of the list even if Bette’s costume would need to be expanded in the bust area! Wink.

Have you seen Bette as Dolly yet?

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3 thoughts on “Who Will Replace Bette Midler As Dolly Next Year?

  1. I love Dolly Parton, but her accent would cause the location of the show to change from New York to the Appalachian Mountains! She could certainly sing the songs with no problems, but just don’t know how her Southern accent could possibly work out – and, I’m Southern!

  2. I have seen everything (almost) that Bette Midler has done on Broadway, but this one I will not get to. I lived in NYC in 1964 (worked at the World’s Fair) and saw Carol Channing’s original 18 times. Back then one could afford to do that if you lived in NYC and worked it right. I just celebrated my 80th and can not even afford to get to Manhattan to see my friend Marilyn Maye at 54 Below, etc. LIFE Have a fun and great run. Love, Jim Boone, jim boone poetry, Galveston Island, near Texas, USA, Earth.

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