Former Harlette Carol Hatchett and The Bareroot Release A New EP, Music Will Lift You


Chicago natives Carol Hatchett and Daniel Pearson collaborate to artfully deliver the soulful, deep house music of The BareRoot.

The BareRoot makes it’s summer ascension with the release of their brand new EP “Music Will Lift You”. A collection of grooves that celebrate self expression through music. Emotional anthems created to soothe, move and lift you!”

Album Notes
The inspiration behind this EP was to tap into the emotional journeys we all go through at different times during our lives. “Music Will Lift You” is a five-song EP collection that celebrates self-expression through music – anthems of love, joy and pain with all songs created to soothe, move and lift you. The track listing includes Fool For Your Love, Music Will Lift You, Trapped and Cornered, Maxi and Heartbreaker.

“The BareRoot is getting right to the heart of what moves us, touching the nerve of what makes us do what we do, good or bad, right or wrong. We’re reflecting on the emotions and feelings that we go through in life. Whether its times of facing self- doubt, needing gratification or realizing our dreams, music heals and guides us through it all,” said Carol Hatchett.

Carol Hatchett and Daniel Pearson composed and arranged every track on “Music Will Lift You,” which is their fourth EP release. A fusion mix of soul, jazz, R&B and funk, their catalog includes Live Wire (2016), Born to Love (2015) and Dance Under the Lights (2013).

“Music Will Lift You” was recorded at Avenue J Studios in Los Angeles and features Carol Hatchett (lead & background vocals) and Daniel Pearson (bass, keyboards & programming). Photography by Walter Tabayoyong. EP cover art is by Los Angeles-based artist, Rony Armas. This is the fourth custom pop art inspired cover art created exclusively for the BareRoot.

Fool For Your Love
“Fool For Your Love” from “Music Will Lift You” by The BareRoot featuring Carol Hatchett

Song List:

Fool For Your Love [4:59]
(C.Hatchett, D.Pearson)
Music Will Lift You [6:04]
(C.Hatchett, D.Pearson)
Trapped And Cornered [4:03]
(C.Hatchett, D.Pearson)
Maxi [5:35]
(C.Hatchett, D.Pearson)
Heartbreaker [3:59]
(C.Hatchett, D.Pearson)

Lead & Background Vocals: Carol Hatchett
Bass/Keyboards/Programing: Daniel Pearson
Mixed & Mastered at Avenue J Studios, Los Angeles, CA.
Producers: Daniel Pearson & Carol Hatchett
Writers: Daniel Pearson & Carol Hatchett
Publishers: Avenue J Music & Velvet Sundae
Photography: Walter Tabayoyong
Graphic Design & Logo Artwork: Rony Armas

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