Resignation; Tom Arnold Says Franken Accuser Was “Manipulated”

Resignation; Tom Arnold Says Franken Accuser Was “Manipulated”
by Greg Evans
December 7, 2017


With beleaguered Sen. Al Franken answering the will-he-won’t-he question — he did — today at 11:45 am ET, Hollywood seems more divided over the issue than even Franken’s Senate compadres. While a critical mass of fellow Democrats demanded Franken’s resignation, some celebrities and TV pundits aren’t so sure.

“Franken bullied out of office,” tweeted playwright Eric Bogosian, adding, “Democrats eat their young.” Billy Baldwin, meanwhile, tweeted a list of harassers from Hollywood, the media and the Democratic Party who’ve lost their jobs, while Trump and Moore remain standing. “The GOP is a disgrace,” he wrote.

“I hope this is fake news,” tweeted Rosie O’Donnell, in all caps, about Franken’s expected resignation earlier. Said singer-turned-activist Clay Aiken, “Democrats are sitting there in the Senate thinking that by forcing Franken to resign, they are taking a stand and showing Democrats have a zero tolerance for sexual harassment. That will NOT be the lesson learned here.”

“The Dems are always ready to dump one of their own,” tweeted Bette Midler. “The GOP stand behind every child molester and every harasser, including POTUS. As unpleasant as it is to face, that’s political suicide.”

But none of the comments are as pointed (or lengthy) as a string of tweets by actor Tom Arnold, who says that his friend Leeann Tweeden – the first of Franken’s accusers, whose photo of Franken smirkingly miming a breast grope – has been “manipulated” by Roger Stone, among others, for political purposes, and that he has proof that Tweeden’s story was used as “part of a larger smear campaign against Franken. “It’s a disservice to victims,” Arnold tweeted, using the #MeToo hashtag (Arnold has said he was molested as a child).

After first Arnold suggested that Tweeden was somehow in on the Stone plan, but then tweeted that he had spoken to Tweeden and that she did not know the “people with bad intentions” who got involved in the reveal of her claims. (See Arnold’s tweets at bottom of this post).

Here’s a sampling of Hollywood & Beltway opinions on Franken’s resignation.

To be clear:
Al Franken is resigning.

Roy Moore and Donald trump are not resigning.

What…30 plus accusers between the two of them? Reading you loud and clear, GOP.

I agree he should have stayed until there was an Ethics Hearing. Now that he has resigned, its time to demand Ethics Hearings on Donald Trump/Moore. Time for the Dems to fight hard & for all Senators to stand up and demand as much for Moore/Trump as they did of Franken. 

Al Franken resigns. Finally, we are free of all sexual predators in the U.S. government.

A dark day for America. Franken bullied out of office. What did he do? Nasty Sean Hannity is gleeful. They win again. Democrats eat their young.

Harvey Weinstein ??
Kevin Spacey ??
Louie CK ??
Bryan Singer ??
Jeffrey Tambor ??

Charlie Rose ??
Matt Lauer ??
Garrison Keillor ??

John Conyers ??
Al Franken ??

Trump & Roy Moore… crickets?
The GOP is a disgrace.

The Dems are always ready to dump one of their own. The GOP stand behind every child molester and every harasser, including POTUS. As unpleasant as it is to face, that’s political suicide.

Democrats are sitting there in the Senate thinking that by forcing Franken to resign they are taking a stand and showing that Democrats have a zero tolerance for sexual harassment. That will NOT be the lesson learned here.

I HOPE THIS IS FAKE NEWS – Report: Franken will resign Thursday 

Franken will resign Thursday: report

Minnesota Public Radio reported Wednesday that a source close to Sen.

At the very same time that we are asking Franken to resign from senate — we are allowing an accused child molester to run for senate.

At the very same time that “Silence Breakers” is the  — a self professed pussy grabber was runner-up.

Mark, you are the biggest hypocrite in the world!! Call out any republican for wrongdoing but radio silent on any of your Democratic liberal friends sexual harassment issues. Zero credibility sir!!

Obviously you aren’t into child abuse, obviously you aren’t into sexually harassing women. Neither am I, friend. I hope Al Franken resigns today. I don’t want people like that leading us. We should all set a strong boundary on these issues together.

We are spending a lot time saying Al Franken has to go and not nearly enough time MAKING Roy Moore go. Prioritize y’all.

For weeks, Trump-apologist types been defending Roy Moore by asking, “What about Conyers and Franken?” (hell of an equivalency given neither accused of molesting minors). Conyers retiring. If Franken resigns, WHAT ABOUT MOORE? WHAT ABOUT FARENHOLDT? WHAT ABOUT TRUMP????????????

I’m disappointed with my friend Leeann Tweedon. Her partner at KABC John Phillips is a Roger Stone pal & they coached her for weeks to bring Al Franken down. I’d hoped she’d use her voice to speak out for all women again predators like Roy Moore & Donald Trump but she’s a birther

I’ve gone to bat for Leeann 100 times this last month hoping she’d at least reveal her whole truth too but she ghosted me. I know every single detail of this political manipulation. KABC should lose their license. Promoting a fraud is a federal offense & FCC violation. 

To put a button on this the only truth about my old pal Leeann Tweeden’s Al Franken story was the picture. The rest was created by KABC colleague & fellow Trump supporter John Phillips & his bud Roger Stone who coached Leeann for weeks to take Al down. Mission accomplished.

I’m  & don’t doubt any other woman but the Leeann Tweeden-John Phillips-Roger Stone lies & set up of Al Franken were part of a larger smear campaign against Al initiated at the same time Leeann came out at KABC. I have proof. Leeann knows it. It’s a disservice to victims.

Just got off the phone with my old friend @LeeannTweeden & here’s what i now know.
She didn’t know Roger Stone was involved until after he tweeted about Franken’s “time in the Barrel”
Hannity saw the pic in 2007 & begged her to show it but she wasn’t comfortable. Leeann’s not

(2) with pal Hannity’s support of Roy Moore which is why she hasn’t done show.She was shocked when i read Roger Stone dirty tricks Franken smear emails.Surprised that folks at KABC shared her Franken story before she did.Never wanted Al fired.Relieved others came forward.????

(3) @LeeannTweeden had no idea KABC John Phillips & Roger Stone were hard right swingin buddies. Is it possible to be politically manipulated without knowin it? Yes. Is it possible 2 people could experience the same picture & stage kiss with opposite feelings? 100% I believe her.

Since I didn’t get all of Roger Stone & Co “Take down Al” correspondences until late last night I thought it was very nice & brave of Leeann to respond to my tweets by calling me & sharing her beat by beat experience honestly & openly for the first time so I could share them too. 

Picture isn’t fake. It’s bad. Leeann’s shown it to people for yrs. Hannity wanted her to share it 2007. She wasn’t comfortable. In 2017 people with bad intentions got involved. Says she didn’t realize they were who they were. Leeann was grateful to tell story & move on. The End? 

I’m not defending him. I just wanted full disclosure. I always believe the women. There are some bad men trying to take advantage of both Leeann & Al on this one. 

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