Bette Midler – Marihuana (Live Divine Miss Millenium)

Audio: Lady Gaga Vs Bette Midler – A Million Reasons And A Rose (Sir Hank Mashup)

BetteBack May 14, 1975: ‘Clams’ Does Nothing But Entertain

Lawton Constitiution May 14, 1975 “Clams on the Half Shell,” Minskoff Theatre – The Divine Miss M (Bette Midler) in…

Bette Midler – Outrageous Fortune

Bette Midler – Outrageous Fortune

Bette Midler – Is It Love – Art Or Bust – 2000

Bette Midler Goes Techno And Artsy Fartsy

BetteBack May 13, 1975: Bette Midler: Still divine

South Mississippi Sun May 13, 1975 NEW YORK (UPI) – So great has been the demand for tickets for the…

Bette Midler: I’m Like Vodka…

Bette Midler TV Series – Episode 10 – Diva, Interrupted – 2000


  ~UK FANS~ Bette Midler will be the subject of Channel 5’s Documentary – Funny Women ~ Bette Midler By…

BetteBack April 30, 1975: Bette Midler Is Back Rashy And Gimmicky (‘Clams’)

Lawton Constitiution April 30, 1975 NEW YORK (AP ) – A strenuous comeback bid is being made in “Bette Midler‘s…

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