Please Submit Bette Midler’s Name To The Kennedy Honors Submission Page And Share – Example Given. Thank You!

Mister D: There’s a section where you write why Bette should receive this reward. I hate writing, so I just let whatever flow out of me. You can use this as a template and further improve on it. I left out, looking back, the cultural shifts she started, and how she was so controversial at the time and the barriers she had to break down. You can make it more emotional but you do have to include her accomplishment. Go for it. This is an award I think she really deserves, so please fill it out and share the hell out of the link to this article by clicking on the title of the piece ot just the link provided to the Kennedy Honors Submission Page. Send it to everu Bette Midler fan site or FB group you know. This is not a time to play politics. It’s about coming together as a community.

Bette Midler is long overdue for this reward. She’s had an almost 50 year career and has risen to the top and stayed relevent in each thru each decade which is very rare. From million selling albums to classic standard singles to several Grammy Awards, hit movies and 2 Academy Award nominbations, top record breaking music tours, sold out shows on Broadway and 2 Tony awards, award winning TV specials, and two number one best selling books. Not only that, she has become a great philanthropist and a green activist, ever starting her own foundation to beautify NYC through turning neglects areas of the city into beautiful parks and gardens. Next up for her is tackling something in the education field, most likely in the arts. She truly lives up to the moniker, The Divine Miss M. Thank you, Don Bradshaw

Link To This Article With The Kennedy Center Honors Submission Page and example: Click Here

Link To The Kennedy Center Honors Submission Page: Click Here

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6 thoughts on “Please Submit Bette Midler’s Name To The Kennedy Honors Submission Page And Share – Example Given. Thank You!

  1. Bette Midler has done so much for the community & Hollywood. She has a voice that she uses to benefit good causes close to her heart and plants gardens for children.
    She also remakes autoriums in schools, cleans up NYC.
    She is an all around entertainer, She has done so much through out her career, musicals, comedies exc.. She doesn’t care what people think about her & she fights for what she believes in. My most memorable memory was when she called a dying fan an sang “Wind Beneath my wings to her as Bette was choked up it was so heartfelt, she is down to earth. She sang for all the 911 tributes when they happened and bought homes for widows she does charities for children who need facial surgies and are able to smile again she deserves this honor for all she has contributed over the years and all she has accomplished in her marvelous career. well deserved.

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