Alice Cooper On Bette Midler 1973

Sounds Magazine
January 27, 1973
Author Unknown

Bette Midler, Alice Cooper, 2011, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Bette and Alice in 2011

“I think there are going to be a lot of groups coming up now who are going to be doing like Hollywood publicity stunts. I like the idea of that because I think it brings a lot more theatre into the rock business and I think the next five years is going to be the time when stars will be born – personality stars.

“I mean, have you seen Bette Midler? She puts on such an incredible show; she`s as good as Barbra Streisand. I hope she doesn`t mind being compared to Barbra Streisand, but she really is that good on stage.

“And I think we`re going to see a lot more glamour in the rock business – real glamour like you used to get in Hollywood in the 30s when all the stars created their own, very individual images. It seems like the doldrums period we went through in the rock business for a while is over now.”

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