Royalties to Bette Midler’s iconic album ‘The Rose’ are up for auction right now

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Own some of the profit from Bette Midler’s ‘The Rose’ album
You gotta pay for it, though
July 27, 2018
By Joseph Brant

bette midler, the rose

It’s probably the perfect gift for that die-hard Bette Midler fan who has everything.

Royalties to Bette Midler’s iconic album ‘The Rose’ are up for auction right now. Yeah, you read that right. You’d be purchasing ownership of the original soundtrack. As of this writing, the top bid is over $75,000.

The winner of ‘The Rose’ auction will literally own a slice of pop music history and earn money each time the best-known song from the Divine Miss M streams or is sold. The title song from the film that launched Bette’s movie career and turned her into a Grammy, Tony, and Emmy winning superstar, “The Rose” is an evergreen royalty-earning asset … and the coming Broadway adaptation of ‘The Rose’ is set to generate even more interest in her always-popular catalog.

The listing is sure to note that this offer is only regarding the original recordings and not the upcoming Broadway release and its music. Even at that price point, there is some small print attached to the offer but hey… if you’re willing to pony up nearly 80 grand you’re gonna want to check out the small print, yes?

Previous 12 months royalties amount to $6900 so… quick math: it’ll take you just under eleven years to earn back your investment. Think of all the dinner party conversations you’ll own, though!

All the details—and the place where you’ll place your bid—are right here(link is external).

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