The Global Impact of Bette Midler’s Philanthropy

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The Global Impact of Bette Midler’s Philanthropy
JULY 26, 2018

Bette Midler

SEATTLE — In addition to being a Grammy and Tony-winning singer and actress, Bette Midler has dedicated herself to many philanthropic causes, supporting several humanitarian and human service organizations. Bette Midler’s philanthropy includes providing monetary support for several organizations that work to assist those living in extreme poverty.

Some of the many nonprofits that Bette Midler has funded include Doctors Without Borders, Human Rights First and The Mirembe Project. Both of these programs focus on supporting human rights and empowerment in developing countries and stress the importance of individuals making a difference and getting results by conducting several campaigns to raise awareness.

Bette Midler’s philanthropy extends beyond providing donations, as she is more heavily involved in these three organizations:

Smile Train a Benefactor of Bette Midler’s Philanthropy

Smile Train focuses on training local doctors to perform cleft repair surgery. In countries facing extreme poverty, it can be difficult to find doctors who are properly trained to care for affected children. Smile Train believes that through the doctors it trains and the doctors who learn from these trainees, the proper care can be provided. Often, these children need more dental care and Smile Train provides it when available.

The impact of this organization is huge, with more than one million surgeries being performed since 1999. Every five minutes, a child’s life is impacted by Smile Train. Midler commented in a statement for the Smile Train website, “It’s incredible the number of children’s lives transformed by Smile Train every day.”

Worldwide Orphans Foundation Works to Support Children in Need

Worldwide Orphans Foundation (WWO) provides education, medical care and psychosocial support for communities in need. It focuses on helping children become thriving adults who can positively impact their communities. Element of Play (EOP) is a program developed by WWO to address childhood trauma in a positive manner. EOP has a special curriculum to encourage children to participate in creative play. This program has a positive impact on children’s social, physical and emotional wellbeing and helps heal trauma.

The results show a drastic decrease in abuse and neglect within the communities affected. To date, WWO has served more than 108,000 children in developing countries. Bette Midler has supported WWO by auctioning off tickets to the New York Restoration Project’s Annual Halloween Gala.

Midler Gets Involved with Committees for Hope North

Hope North was started with the belief that every child deserves the chance to have a childhood. Thousands of Ugandan children have been forced to become child soldiers for the Lord’s Resistance Army; the war has also made millions of children orphans and refugees. Hope North is a school that provides education, an arts center, vocational training and a working farm. It describes itself as “a school, a home and a promise.” Bette Midler has supported this organization by being on the host committee for the Hope North Gala, which was attended by many celebrities with the goal of raising funds for Hope North’s operating expenses.

Bette Midler has used her platform as a legendary actress and singer to assist organizations of all kinds. She supports those who are in need of help across the world and is an outspoken advocate for those who do not have a voice.

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