15 Sequels To Iconic Movies We Want To Be Made ASAP

15 Sequels To Iconic Movies We Want To Be Made ASAP
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1. Charlie’s Angels 3



Why We’re Demanding A Sequel: Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore have perfect chemistry together. While I’m cautiously optimistic about the remake, I want these ladies. And they’re STILL capable of kicking ass.

Free Plot Idea: Just go with the normal saving-the-world stuff. We loved Demi Moore as the villain last time — why not go with a strong female antagonist again, maybe like Kerry Washington or Jennifer Garner. And a secondary plot can be the girls training a new generation of Angels, setting up a new set of sequels perfectly.

2. Mean Girls 2


Why We’re Demanding A Sequel: To wash the taste of the straight-to-video Mean Girls 2 out of our mouths.

Free Plot Idea: Mean Girls holds up surprisingly well, more than 10 years after its release. Some high school movie tropes are timeless — you could kind of keep the new-girl-to-school plot intact. But it would be really cool to update it for the age of social media. And how about Tina Fey as PRINCIPAL Norbury?

3. Mean Moms



Why We’re Demanding A Sequel: Yes, we have TWO ideas for Mean Girls sequels. But the OG cast of Mean Girls was so good — they’re just not GIRLS anymore.

Free Plot Idea: Cady gets written out of the movie, because Lindsay Lohan is off running a beach club in Mykonos. But the plot of Mean Moms could mirror Mean Girls — new mom in the neighborhood who quickly becomes friends with clique of high-powered moms in town (Regina, Gretchen, Karen). And TBH, considering everything going on in the world right now, this movie could actual have a lot of important social commentary.

4. The Parent Trap 2


Why We’re Demanding A Sequel: OK, I’m actually pitching a spinoff here, because like the above, we’re not getting Lindsay Lohan back anytime soon. But in the wake of the first film’s 20th anniversary, many of us are remembering how iconic — and complex — a character Meredith Blake is. She deserves her own movie.

Free Plot Idea: Let’s be real — Meredith kind of got fucked over the last movie. So how about this movie she gets her revenge? Not on Nick Parker, but on all the shitty men in the world. Aiding in her schemes is Chessy (the two have decided to bury the hatchet, and I’m here for a buddy comedy).

5. The Devil Wears Prada 2


Why We’re Demanding A Sequel: Do we really need an excuse to reunite Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, and Emily Blunt on screen?

Free Plot Idea: The movie still holds up, but there definitely is a way you can make this super relevant in 2018. Andy can be a successful writer, and maybe she can go head-to-head with Emily, who is now the editor of Runway. Miranda can come out of retirement to save the day/and or stir up some conflict, and definitely deliver an amazing monologue.

6. Legally Blonde 3



Why We’re Demanding A Sequel: OK, so this is actually happening, but we still need to go on the record of being very, very supportive of this idea.

Free Plot Idea: We’re expecting Elle to run for president in the sequel, but we kind of wish it was Vivian running for president (hi, Selma Blair!) and Elle who gets to run her campaign. More female power!

7. The Princess Diaries 3



Why We’re Demanding A Sequel: Because we think we can do better than The Princess Diaries 2. And more Julie Andrews is ALWAYS a good thing.

Free Plot Idea: Honestly, the best moments in the first movie were the fish out of water scenes — any time Mia was learning how to be a princess, or Queen Clarisse was experiencing San Francisco. So what about a road trip comedy where the two ladies are on a royal tour through Europe, or even better, America?

8. Hocus Pocus 2


Why We’re Demanding A Sequel: There’s already a sequel in the works for the Disney Channel, so again, we’re just going on the record here. All that matters is Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy are involved.

Free Plot Idea: We could watch these three ladies play Uno in character for two hours and be entertained. The plot is really secondary to all of their involvement, TBH.

9. The Lizzie McGuire Movie 2


Why We’re Demanding A Sequel: This is an underrated Disney classic. And the “What Dreams Are Made Of” performance in the Colosseum is ICONIC.

Free Plot Idea: After years away from the spotlight, Isabella decides to come out of retirement for one last tour — and she wants Lizzie to come along for the ride and be her manager.

10. Mamma Mia 3


Why We’re Demanding A Sequel: Because we’re gay.

Free Plot Idea: “Plot” is a very loose term, considering time seems to operate a little differently in the Mamma Mia Cinematic Universe. What I want is Cher, Meryl, and we think it’s about time we get some drag queens involved. Also, Madonna is free, right? We feel like she needs to be involved.

11. Clueless 2


Why we’re Demanding A Sequel: Enough time has passed that we think we can make a sequel that is worth everyone’s time.

Free Plot Idea: This one is kind of tough — the first movie is so of its time, it’s kind of hard to envision where the characters would be almost three decades later. The thing is we WANT to know what Cher is up to!

12. The Princess Bride 2

20th Century Fox

Why we’re Demanding A Sequel: Because it is one of the most quotable and beloved movies of all time!

Free Plot Idea: The grandson, now grown-up (played by Fred Savage, of course), reads the story to his son of how Buttercup (ROBIN WRIGHT!) saves her true love Westley from a gang of pirates.

13. Easy A 2

Screen Gems

Why we’re Demanding A Sequel: Because Emma Stone would kill it as a take no-prisoners adult Olive.

Free Plot Idea: Olive finally lands her dream post-college job, but, soon finds out that she has a misogynist baby boomer boss who steals all her ideas without giving her credit. Eventually, she finds a way to expose him to the CEO and prove that she is more than qualified to lead the department she works in.

14. She’s The Man 2


Why We’re Demanding A Sequel: Because Amanda Bynes is now in a healthy place and ready to return to acting.

Free Plot Idea: Hmmmm…I guess if we’re going with Shakespeare plays that feature women dressing up as men (like the original movie), then the only other option would be to base this one on The Two Gentlemen of Verona. In this movie Viola (now a reporter) dresses up like Sebastian again to go undercover at an exclusive all male club where a corrupt senator does lots of business (oh, and she finds out her boyfriend is also secretly part of this club).

15. Crossroads 2


Why We’re Demanding A Sequel: Britney teaming up with Shonda Rhimes and Zoe Saldana was ahead of its time.

Free Plot Idea: Lucy (Britney Spears) and Kit (Zoe Saldana) go on a cross-country road trip after each of them go through a divorce, where they both find a new love and new path they should be on. ~Tears up~

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