Hulaween 2018 – Bette and Sophie

Hulaween 2018 - Bette and Sophie

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2 thoughts on “Hulaween 2018 – Bette and Sophie

  1. Never at a loss to get every show you have ever done in Vancouver, BC Canada – never missed a show! It’s been a delight. BUT ONCE … I am still pissed! At NO stage management security given with the Cave ‘Bagel Incident.’ TWICE! It was unacceptable and I wrote 6 times *before getting one response) to the Cave to say I would boycott everything until they showed greater security for performers. And removal of over intoxication of patrons 100% of the time.

    Back to the incredible awards database. WOW! I had no idea! You started young knocking down Lifetime Achievement Awards! What a truly beautiful list of tributes! But it doesn’t include your T O N Y !!! Best Actress in a Musical – Hello, Dolly! I am shocked.

    You are so close to an EGOT that I am casting spells and using potions to make it happen for you! You are a rare and real beauty with such energy, guts, talents and creativity! Love you living your life! We have been busting a gut, awed and taken to retro/nouveau high end Burlesque with an injection of Platinum! Disco to Jungle Music – you have every decade been a front runner in innovation!

    We are better for buying a ticket for a non-stop best run of your brand of GUTS, GLORY, ZEAL SIZZLE & TALENT that is mind boggling. Dinah Shore Interview? I still howl over your time on her show! That’s a while back!

    Thank You Ms. Midler!
    Gratitude to your family for sharing you with us at the expense of family time.

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